Track Meet Mobile Operation

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From the Run Menu, Track Meet Mobile can be activated as long as the date of operation is on or after the start of the meet and within seven days of the end of the meet. Meet Mobile is automatically activated if today's date falls within the dates of the meet.


When Track Meet Mobile is enabled, results are sent to an Active Network web server which serves the Meet Mobile applications that are running on various Apple and Android devices. As heat results are uploaded, the times are sorted in order in Track Meet Mobile's Event Results list, but official place rankings are not shown until all heats are completed within a round.


Results are uploaded during the following operations, but only if there was a change to a result:

The current heat/flight is uploaded when changing to another heat/flight using the Heat buttons, the Next Heat button, the Previous Heat button, or moving to another event. If entering results for the current heat/flight causes the round to be Done, then moving from the current heat causes all the heats to be re-uploaded along with the overall rankings.
Clicking List, Score, or Re-Rank causes every heat/flight result to be uploaded if the round is Done. If the round is not Done, only the current heat is uploaded and only if there was a change in the results for the current heat.
Clicking Score or Re-Score causes the team scores to be uploaded.
To manually upload a heat result, press Ctrl-K at any time regardless of whether Meet Mobile is Activated or not (except before the meet starts and more than seven days after the meet is over). Ctrl-K is handy in the following situation. Suppose you only want to upload results after an event is complete and verified as official. You Inactivate Meet Mobile from the Meet Mobile Menu by unchecking the Activate the Track Meet Mobile System check box and then use Ctrl-K to upload when you are satisfied the results are good. At any time you can re-enable automatic Meet Mobile uploads by checking the Activate the Track Meet Mobile System check box.
To manually upload team scores, press Ctrl-O at any time regardless of whether Meet Mobile is Activated or not (except before the meet starts and more than seven days after the meet is over).
Results uploaded include the entry mark, the result mark, wind readings, and the field series if there is a series available.
For Combined Events such as Decathlon, point totals are uploaded as the event is ongoing showing total points and rankings after the third sub-event out of ten for example.
For Cross Country meets, besides individual rankings, team scores are uploaded.
For Field Event Relays, team totals and rankings are uploaded.
For Veterans and Masters meets, age grading is uploaded.


Uploading All Results by Session


At any time you can upload an entire session's results from the Run Menu by clicking Meet Mobile at the top of the Run Menu. Be sure the Meet Mobile check box is checked and select one or more sessions. Click Upload Session Results and all completed rounds within the session will be uploaded along with field series if any. This is especially useful to upload the previous day's results if there was no Internet connection the previous day.




Uploading Heat/Flight Sheets for Newly Seeded Events


If your Track Meet Mobile Settings include Heat/Flight Sheets, anytime you seed or reseed an event from the Seeding Menu, the newly seeded events will be uploaded to Track Meet Mobile when you exit the Seeding Menu (assuming Track Meet Mobile is Activated). Because you may not want to upload the seeding yet, you will be able to confirm whether you want the newly seeded events transmitted or not as shown in the message below.




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