Import Merge Results File

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Select this Import option to import a HY-TEK Results file that was exported from another computer running MM.  The export file contains meet results from another MM Database that are to be "merged" with your Master Database.


The typical scenario for this type of situation would be entering running event results on one computer and field event results on another computer.  One computer would be designated the Master and before each session, a backup from the Master Database would be loaded onto the other computer.  After the session has been completed, each computer other than the Master would export results for events that are completed and then the Master computer would Import each of these sets of results into the Master database.  Only rounds that have been completed, seeded, or partially completed are merged into the Master Database.


The ability to Merge Results from one computer to another has been implemented. For example, if a field event is run on computer B, those results can be exported to a diskette and then imported and merged into computer A. This property is available for all events including combined-events. A new feature is the ability to seed an event on computer B and then export that seeding for import into computer A. And as a third feature, you could do the odd heats on computer A and the even heats on computer B, export the even heats from computer B and import those partial results into computer A.


From the Main Menu Bar, click on File / Import / Merge Results (MM To MM).  MM will then import the results that were exported from another MM Database. MM will match on Event Number since these results would be merged based on the same meet setup. If there was a field series entered, the field series will be merged too.


Please keep in mind that when merging results from the source computer to a target computer, the events in the source Database must be a higher status than those in the target Database.  For example, if event 9 is one round and computer A has results completed, but not scored, the round is "done". If the computer B has the same event with results done and scored, B cannot be merged into A. The final round "done" and the final round "scored" are considered the same level. The only way computer Be's data for event 9 can be merged is if in computer A event 9 is either un-seeded or round 1 seeded.  If event 10 is prelim/final, then finals done/scored is higher than finals seeded, prelims done, prelims seeded, and un-seeded.


Note: A special feature for the Import of Results is that of a "silent/automatic backup": which is created just before import a Merge file.  If you need to find the "silent/automatic backup", it is saved in your database directory with the following address:  "merge-xx (where xx=01 to 09) -name of your database directory".


Please refer to the Network Pro Option for a much better alternative to running a meet with more than one computer.