Setup Multiple Age Groups Within an Event

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Add or Edit Events


Click Events and then click Edit Event or Add Event. In the middle left panel, click on the Multi-Age Group check box if you want results divided by more than one age group within the same event.  For example, for a Girls 13-18 5k, to have the 13-14, and 15-18 groups separated for rankings, click on the Multi-Age Group check box, click the button to the right of the check box, and enter the two age groupings: 13-14, 15-18. In this example, if 12 year olds or 19 year olds are entered into this event, MM will score them with the "last" age group that you have specified - the 15-18 age group. If the event is set-up as mixed genders, then the male and female athletes will also be separated. Be sure that when entering the age ranges for the event, no gaps are left from the lowest age to the highest age.