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This New Features List is based on MEET MANAGER 6.0Ca which is the first release version of the 6.0 release series.


Database Conversion

If MM 6.0 attempts to open an MM 2.0 database, the database will be automatically converted to the MM 6.0 structure. MM 6.0 databases are interchangeable with MM 5.0, MM 4.0 and MM 3.0 databases, but when opening with MM 3.0 or MM 4.0, the features that come with MM 6.0 will of course not be available (you may also need to repair the database first).
MM 2.0 versions will not be able to open an MM 6.0 database. The work around for MM 2.0 users is to install the Free MM 6.0 Demo and use the Demo to view the data, create reports, and create needed export files. The ACTIVE Network Demo for MM 6.0 can be downloaded from the HY-TEK web site at:


New Features


Run Menu

In Run > Preferences > Web Real-Time, you can now select to include Competitor Numbers in Web Real Time Results.
In Run > Adjust > Eligible Athletes, you can see which athletes are alternates in the new Alt column, to help you determine which athletes are not eligible to progress into the next round.


Setup Menu

In Set-up > Options, you can now batch convert field event results between Metric and English units.
Youth USATF age divisions in Set-up > Division/Region Names > Divisions have been updated to conform with the most recent USATF age divisions.


Import / Export

When importing entries from a semi-colon delimited file, you can now mark an athlete as an alternate entry to an event.
Team scores are now included when exporting results to semi-colon delimited results files.
Previously, after importing a roster file, head coaches failed to be listed on the team edit screen, and then would then be blanked on the team browser. This issue has been fixed in this release.
You can now import a semi-colon delimited file to only update seed times without adding new athletes or entries.


Athlete Menu

In Athletes > Add or Edit Athletes, you can now add a disability classification for disabled athletes.


Teams/Schools Menu

In the Teams or Schools pages, you can now record the Team or School’s association in the Association field.



You can now import Records from a manually-created, CSV-formatted Records file.



In Report > Team Assignments Report (CC), you can now generate a Cross Country Team Assignments report.
The Meet Check-in report now displays full team names, instead of team abbreviations.
You can now view the dates on which entries or scratches were entered by running the Entry/Scratch Date report in Reports > Entry Lists Report.
You can now select to display full team names or team abbreviations in single-column-formatted Meet Program and Meet Result reports.
If an athlete’s contact information has a blank city, then you can now select to display the team’s city in front of the team name in reports.
You can now include sub-events when printing reports by ticking the Include sub-events checkbox.