Finish Line Sheets

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From the Main Menu Bar, click on Reports / Finish Line Sheets and MM will display a window like the one shown here.

Finish Line Sheets are for use by those recording times at the finish line. There is one sheet per heat, and each has room for official's signatures and wind readings when necessary. These finish line sheets will be used to enter the results into the MM computer.
Note that finish line heat sheets do not print flight sheets for field events.
Use the Field Score Sheet report for field events.
Also you can use Lap Counter Sheets for individual running events over 800 to count laps or record lap times.
The Event List can be filtered by gender, event age range, one team or all teams, round, and individual versus relay events. For example, you might want to look at only the 11-12 Male Events for the first round (Prelims or Timed Finals).
To make room to show more events in the list, you can hide the filter choices by clicking the View icon or by clicking View / Show/Hide Filters.
To Memorize a given set of report settings, click Memorize or click the Memorize con Icon-MemorizeExport, provide a name for the memorized report, and the settings will be saved to the Memorized Reports Menu.