Run Menu Shortcut Keys

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Click on ShortCuts from the Run Screen Main Menu bar to display the following Short Cut options.


Function Keys

The following keyboard Function keys may be used for navigation and functional purposes in the Run Module of MM.


F1 Help
F2Use Unseeded Menu to enter results by comp# and time
F3 Get Results from Photo Finish, FieldLynx, or Button Timer
F4 Previous heat/flight
F5 Next heat/flight
F6 Place results column in edit mode
F7 Session selection
F8 Adjust heats/flights
F9 Edit Advancement Formula
F10Export spreadsheet results of the current combined-event to the Web or Export CC team scores of the current event to the Web
F11Export the current Heat/Flight to the Web (Pro Version only)
F12 Export the current Event to the Web (Pro Version only)


Ctrl-F1Pop-up window to send start list or result to scoreboard
Ctrl-F3Display the actual data in a photo finish result file
Ctrl-F4 Previous event
Ctrl-F5 Next event
Ctrl-F6 Insert athlete into open lane/position using competitor #'s
Ctrl-F7 Scratch a lane/position
Ctrl-F10Send Start list to scoreboard
Ctrl-F11Send Heat result to scoreboard
Ctrl-F12Send Event results to scoreboard


Ctrl-AAwards button to add awards labels to queue or to print award labels based on Run Menu Preferences for Awards
Ctrl-DRefresh the Run Screen Data if Pro Network Version
Ctrl-EJump to an event number in the Run Menu's event list
Ctrl-FDisplay Field Event Series for data entry of current flight
Ctrl-HAdd an Empty Heat/Flight
Ctrl-IIncrease lanes/positions
Ctrl-JJudges decision menu
Ctrl-KUpload the current event results to Meet Mobile even if Meet Mobile is not activated in the Run Menu
Ctrl-LCompute placings and create results report based on Run Menu Preferences for Results (no points listed)
Ctrl-MCreates a Flat HTML file of a list of results with scores; if a combined-event, creates the Spreadsheet
Ctrl-NCreates a Flat HTML file of a list of results
Ctrl-OUpload most current Team Scores to Meet Mobile even if Meet Mobile is not activated in the Run Menu
Ctrl-PPrint the current heat displayed at the bottom of the Run Menu
Ctrl-QFlush and print any remaining award labels in the Queue
Ctrl-RRelay names menu for the current heat/section
Ctrl-SComputes team Scores and creates results report based on Run Menu Preferences for Results
Ctrl-TAutomatically enter a note with the time to the thousandths for each tie found within the event where the tie can be broken to the thousandths
Ctrl-UUpdates Photo Finish & FieldLynx start lists if either are active
Ctrl-WEnter Wind Reading


Alt-F4Close Report or Menu
Alt-AOpen Athlete Menu
Alt-BCombine Results from Two Events
Alt-CClose Menu
Alt-EOpen Events Menu
Alt-HOpen Help
Alt-IOpen Interfaces Menus
Alt-LOpen Labels Menu
Alt-ORe-Score All Events
Alt-POpen Run Menu Results, Awards, and Web Preferences
Alt-ROpen Reports Menu
Alt-SOpen Seeding Menu
Alt-TOpen Teams Menu
Alt-WOpen Web Menu for RealTime Results (Pro Version only)
Alt-YOpen Relays Menu