Run a Combined-Event Meet

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You must have the Combined-Events Option run events such as the Decathlon, Heptathlon, Pentathlon, and Weight Pentathlon. Set up your combined-event in the Events Menu and then click the Multi sub-events button to configure the set of sub-events.  After athletes are entered in their respective multi events, seed each of the sub-events using the Seed Menu.  After seeding, you can enter results from the Run Menu just like you would for any other event.


 Important Note: In order to seed the Sub-Events from the Seeding Menu, the Sub-Events must be added to a Session.


As you enter results, the points scored for each mark are automatically and instantly displayed. All result listings include the point scores. These scores are identical to those found in the accepted IAAF tables.  Click List to display results for the event and click Score Event to display a spreadsheet with all sub-events included.  Note that field events in combined-events must be entered in metric.  Be sure the field event official knows this!


Note: When creating a spreadsheet for results in the Run Menu for combined-events, the Competitor # has been removed to make more room for the athlete name.


If you are set-up to use age-grading tables (Main Menu Bar / Set-up / Report Preferences / Format / "Show Age-Graded Table Conversions") , then the points assigned to each event will be the points equivalent to the age-graded mark and not the actual mark!