Setup Seeding Choices for Each Event

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Rounds and Heat/Flight Order


Number of Lanes / Positions


Advancement Rules


Heat, Section, or Flight Assignment


Lane or Position Assignment



Number of Heats for Finals

This only applies to running events in which you may have more than one final. It is also handy for 4 lane tracks where it is desired to run 2 heats of finals so that 8 can run.


In the center bottom panel, click on the Score Event check box if you want points assigned to each result based on the point system setup in the Scoring Setup. If there are Entry Fees, enter an amount and you can get a Entry Fee Report from the Teams Report Menu or the Entries by Team report.



Number of Final Heats

There are four choices for setting up finals in an event with more than one round. The examples below assume 8 lanes for finals.

1 Final means create one heat with the 8 fastest qualifiers.
2 Finals means create two heats for finals with the fastest 8 in one heat and the second fastest 8 in the other heat. When results are complied, the results are ranked regardless of the heat which means the 16th qualifier can finish first.
1 Final, Score Prelims as 2nd Final means create one heat with the 8 fastest qualifiers. When results are complied, the 8 in finals are ranked 1st through 8th regardless of time and points are also awarded to the 9th place on from either prelims or semis.  Points are awarded as far down as there are points in the Scoring Set-up.
3+ means create 3 or more (enter #) and score as timed final.