Setup Network Administration

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How to Logon the Network

How to Setup a Network


If you are using MEET MANAGER for Track & Field with the Pro Network option, you can logon as the Admin and optionally set up passwords for all four Levels of access as shown below.


Note:Only the logged on User Name of Admin can perform Network Administration and setup or change the passwords for the Database that is currently opened.



MM Pro provides 4 levels of access with up to 9 users accessing the same Database as shown below.


Level        User Name                        Permissions


 1                Administrator                        No restrictions at all.

 2                Run1, Run2, Run3                This level can do everything except

                                         Network Administration and Single User Mode functions.

 3                Clerk 1, Clerk 2                        This level can do everything Level 2 can do, except Run the meet.

 4                Report 1, 2, & 3                        Level 4 can print Reports/Labels ONLY


After you have logged on as the Administrator, click on File then Network Administration and MM will display the nine User Names as shown above and indicate what User Names are currently logged on and if so, what computer name is associated with that logon.  As the Administrator, you can optionally assign a password to one or more of the nine User Names.  Please note that the set of User Name passwords are associated with each Database, NOT with the global system.  In other words, you can assign passwords for all User Names for Database A but then assign no passwords for access to Database B.  Passwords can consists of from 6 to 16 numbers and letters and can be left blank if no password is desired.  Only the Admin can logon in Single-User mode. All other users must logon in Multi-User mode.


To enter a password, the Admin enters the password twice. To delete a password, the Admin simply enters blank for both the password and the confirmation password.


If you are connected with several users and one of the users gets knocked off the system and is unable to log-off properly, the other users will still "see" the knocked off user as still logged on. To correct that, you must get the user back on line, log that user on as the same user as before and then log-off properly. This will clear that User Name from the network administrator file.


When you logon as Administrator, you have the option to Open the Database in Single User Mode or Multi-User Mode.  You also have the option to switch between Single and Multi-User Mode.  To switch from one mode to the other, just click on File then Switch to Single/Multi-User Mode. If you try to switch to Single User Mode and there is already a user logged on, MM will not let you switch until all other Users are logged off. Single User Mode prevents any new users from logging on to the system as long as the Administrator is logged on.  There are several file maintenance utilities that require Single User Mode:  Restore a Database, Purge a Database, Repair a Database, Import Entries, Delete Athletes and Teams, Install Update, or Create Update.


Trouble-Shooting Tips:

1.If one or more of the users gets disconnected from the network, the log-on file does not get updated and the Admin cannot log-on in Single User mode. In that case, the Admin can Click File / Network Administration and check the box to "Remove all logged in users except Admin".
2.If the database cannot be opened for some reason, the Admin can select File / Repair Database and repair the unopened database file.
3.If the initial log-on screen prevents one from getting to the Main Menu, use Alt-Ctrl-Delete to End Task and then delete tfmeetdb.mem from c:\hy-sport\MM. Then trying starting MM again.