Setup Sub-Events in Combined-Events

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How to Setup Combined-Events


To set up Combined-Event sub-events, click the Combined Sub-Events button in the Events Menu to display a Menu.


There are two ways to add the sub-events.  One way is to edit each of the individual sub-events and create any set of events you wish.  The second method is to click the Auto Set-up button and the entire set of sub-events will be created for you using the standard set of events for the particular type of combined-event.  You can still edit the sub-events after using Auto Set-up.


To edit a sub-event, click the Edit Event button in the Combined-Event Sub-Event Menu.


The Edit Menu for a sub-event allows you to pick an event, a scoring table, and to set up the seeding parameters.


The choices for the combined-event scoring tables are:


Scoring Tables

         IAAF automatic

         IAAF hand


         Alberta Youth

         Alberta Hand


The IAAF tables are the 1985 IAAF tables, and every table is available including hand times tables, special tables for High School/College 55 meter hurdle tables, and special tables for Youth Athletics Midget 60 meter hurdle tables.


 In the case where a table is not available, you can resort to manually entering the scores for a given event.


The Alberta Youth tables are specially designed to have a maximum of 500 points per event and are designed for young athletes. Boys and girls use the same tables.


Important Note: In order to seed the Sub-Events from the Seeding Menu, the Sub-Events must be added to a Session.