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TFTM offers a very powerful set of "Codes" that you can set up to "filter" or designate the information about particular items in your Database.  A "Code" can be any three alpha-numeric characters and includes a Code Description as well as a designation as to what type of code that it represents:


School Year
Meet Type
Event Division


For example, you might want to designate groups of athletes based on the coach that is responsible for their training.  Or you might want to set up Groups based on the location where they train and then use subgroups to designate elite, novice, distance or sprint athletes.


You might want to use the School Year designation so that when you enter the Athlete, you can put them into a specific School Year code.  Then you could filter Reports and Browsers based on a particular School Year.


You can set up different Meet Types so that you can get a Top Marks Report for all results in the Championship Meet Type, or the HS (High School) Meet Type.  The Meet Type designation is specified when you Add or Edit a Meet.


You might be entering a meet that has a number of Event Divisions - for example, JV or Varsity in which the events in the meet are classified for one of those two Divisions - Men's Varsity Javelin Throw and JV Javelin Throw.  The Event Division designation is specified when you set up each event.


You have the option of assigning Teams to a specific Region of your T&F organization.



Merge Event Division Codes



As discussed above, TFTM allows you to "name" a Division for Open High School or College Events. TFTM automatically sets up two Division Codes named V for Varsity and JV for Junior Varsity. However when you import meet results from MEET MANAGER, Division names will be imported as "numbers". For example, if you are importing meet results from a High School or College meet, Varsity events may be imported as a Division code of "1" and JV events may be imported with a Division code of "2". If you wish to name those Division code "numbers", click on Set-up then Groups/Subgroups/Codes and then highlight, for example, the code "1" and click on Edit and then change it to "V" and click OK. TFTM will ask you if you wish to merge that Code with the one that exists - click Yes. Now do the same for the code of "2" and edit it to match the one that exists for "JV".



Now when you print the Meet Results Report or view meet results from any of the TFTM browsers, the column for Event Div will read as "V" or "JV" instead of "1" or "2".




Add, Edit, or Delete Codes

To Add or Edit your TFTM Codes, click on Set-up from the Main Menu Bar and then click on Group/Subgroup/Codes and TFTM will display the Codes Browser.  You can sort the list by clicking on the Codes, Description, or Type column headers and you can filter the list of codes by selecting the appropriate "Show Types" radio button.  Click on the Add, Edit, or Delete items or icons as you require.



Codes Report

In order to print a report of the Codes you have set up, click on Print on the Menu Bar or on the Print icon.  Please click Here for more information on the Codes Report.