Export Meet Entries

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How to Declare Meet Entries


Providing meet entries for an upcoming meet is a very important function of TFTM.  Of course the first step in providing meet entries is to declare who is competing in which event as well as each athlete's entry mark for that event.  Click Here for more information about how to declare meet entries.


After the meet entries have been declared, you can print the Meet Entry Report and then mail or fax that report to the meet host.  But that would mean that the meet host would have to manually enter all of your entries into their Meet Management software.  That process would be error prone as well as slow.  A more productive way to provide your meet entries to the meet host would be to export them to a diskette or file so that they could import those entries - much faster than keying and no errors!


From the T & F TEAM MANAGER Main Menu Bar, click on File then Export then Meet Entries.




If you plan on mailing these entries to the meet host, specify Drive  A as your Export Drive.  If you want to e-mail them, specify any directory on your hard drive as the Export Drive/Directory.  Now select the meet for which you want to export entries.  You have the option to Include Relays.


When you click OK, TFTM will build two export files and then ZIP them as one file.  This one zip file has the following naming convention:




where "TTTTTTT" is the Team Abbreviation and "xxx" is a sequential number beginning with "001".  For example, if the Meet Entries are for the Team "NATC", the exported meet entry file name would be




This zipped file contains a meet entry file - a TCL file.



Check What You Have Exported

After you have built your meet entry export file, click on Reports and then Export/Import File Report and follow the menu prompts to review EXACTLY what information you exported to the file.  This is a great way to check and verify the meet entries you are sending to the meet host.  This report should match the standard Meet Entry Report that you have built, but it's a good idea to check it.  We suggest that you include this report with your diskette if you are mailing your entries to the meet host.  Click Here for information about this report.


E-mail Entries

If you would like to e-mail these entries to the meet host, just use your standard e-mail software and attach the ZIP file.  When the meet host receives that file, they will import it and your team will be entered in their meet.