Setup New Athletes from Another Team

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If a new athlete has transferred from another team and you want to enter him/her into your Team's TFTM Database, you really have two ways to do this.


Manually Key in the Information

1.Enter the athlete's administrative information first - click Here for specifics on how to do this.
2.If you want to enter the athlete's Best Mark in each event, then setup a new meet, enter the appropriate events, and then enter the athlete's best mark in each of those events just as you would enter meet results.  Click Here for specifics on how to setup a new meet and click Here for specifics on entering meet results.
3.If you have a record of meet results for this new athlete and you want to maintain the history of those results, you would have to set up the meets, events, and enter those results just as you would enter meet results for an upcoming meet.


Import the new Athlete's Information from Another TM Database

1.Ask the athlete's previous team to set up a unique Team Group and then assign the athlete that is transferring to your team to that team group.
2.Still using the previous team's TM, click on File then Export and either choose Best Marks or Meet Results. Filter the export with the Unique Team Group so that only that one athlete will be exported.  If you choose Best Marks, TM will export the athlete's best mark in each event and distance that he/she has competed in.  Then when you import that information, only ONE meet will be set up in your TFTM Database with the athlete's best time included.  If you choose Meet Results and then All Meets, the complete history of the athlete's performance will be exported so that when you import it, you will have the proof of mark history for all of the results for this particular athlete.
3.Take the file produced from step 2 above and using your TFTM software, click on File then Import then Meet Results.  Be sure to click on the Add New Athletes button.  After the import has been completed, go to the Athlete Browser and highlight the new Athlete and check the results that have been imported.