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Inactive Athletes

When adding or editing an Athlete from the Athlete Browser, click on the Inactive box to declare the athlete as "inactive," and he/she will not show on any of the Browsers or Reports unless you specifically request TFTM to "Show Inactive Athletes".  You can get a list of all of your inactive athletes by running the Athletes Report and clicking on the "Include Inactive Athletes ONLY" button.


When printing Athlete Reports, you have the option to include Inactive Athletes.  Click on the Include Inactive check box at the top of the Browser.  TFTM will then display an InActive column with a check box for each Athlete.  You can turn on or turn off this InActive check box for any athlete right from the Athlete Browser.  When you designate an Athlete as InActive, his/her information will be saved in the Database but will not show up on any Browsers or Reports unless you specify to "Include InActive Athletes".



Inactive Teams, Groups, Subgroups

InActive/Active Changes

From the Main Menu, click on Teams, then Maintenance, then Group/Subgroup/School Yr.

_bm6To globally change a Team, select the Team from the drop down menu and do not select any groups, subgroups, or school years.
_bm6To globally change a Group, Subgroup, or School Year to either InActive or Active, choose a group/subgroup/school year and click on the desired status (InActive or Active).