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For the purposes of this Help program and the TFTM program, "Marks" are defined as the times or marks achieved by athletes and relays.  The marks are stored as data and sorted for the various reports.


A Mark Standard is simply a set of marks that have been established to represent a certain level of competition.  For example, an A mark has a certain value for every age, event, and distance.  Sometimes these Mark Standards or cuts are specified as criteria for entering a meet.


TFTM will use the Qualification Mark (specific Standard) in the Entry Browser and Eligibility Report to indicate which marks qualify for each event.


When entering times and marks, the following are valid marks and ways of entering marks.


or 123.45 or 1:23.45 for times
To enter hand times, enter an "h" after the time, such as 10.3h.
To enter Multi-Event overall point scores, highlight the event, move the cursor to the Final Mark column, and type in the total point score without decimals.
or 12.98 for a Metric mark
or 6-0150 or 6'01.50 or 6'01.50" for an English mark
4" or 6'4 for an English mark
N or NT for No Time
N or ND for No Distance if horizontal field event
N or NH for No Height if vertical field event


The following only apply to results


D or DNF for Did Not Finish
Q or DQ for Disqualified
F or FS for False Start
F or FOUL for horizontal jump
F or FAIL for vertical jump