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This new features list is based on TEAM MANAGER 4.0 Ci, the last release of TEAM MANAGER 4.0.


New Features

All of the optional components are now included in this release as a single complete package.
Record Match: automatically maintain and update your team / school records
Graph Performance: print a graph indicating each athlete's improvement and overall performance
Journal/Recruiting: store notes and athlete recruiting data in your database
Award Labels: print award and improvement labels
Registration Tracking: stay informed by tracking the status of athletes, coaches, and officials
Event Tag Labels: print event entry labels for each athlete
Pro Network: share your database access with other users across a local area network



A problem with the Multi-Event Results Report has been corrected.
A problem with previous selected meet's for multi-event results has been corrected.
A problem with the Graph tab in the athlete result browser has been corrected.