Primary Measurement

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The main purpose of the Primary Measurement choice is to eliminate the need to key in the meter or English designators.  It is your choice to enter either metric or English as the primary measurement.  The Primary Measurement for an event is declared in the Event Setup for Result and Entry Events.  From the Main Menu, click on Meets, then Events, then Add or Edit.  Click Here for information on Adding and Editing Events.


In field events, the marks can be entered in either metric or English for the same event number.  When entering results, to enter a metric mark, follow the mark with an m; to enter an English mark, follow the mark with " for inches and ' for feet.  You can also enter English distance as 3-4 for 3 feet 4 inches, using the dash to delineate feet and inches.  The English distance will always be displayed on Browsers and Reports with the dash; for example, 3-5 for 3 feet 5 inches.  However, if the primary measurement is metric, you do not have to follow the mark with an m, and if the primary measurement is English, you do not have to follow the mark with the ".


In running events, the primary measurement is the only measurement for that event.  Thus it takes two different event numbers for the 100 meter dash and the 100 yard dash.


In multi-events, the primary measurement is irrelevant because the results entered for the multi-events will be total points for the whole event.  Individual event results for each sub event within the multi-event must be entered separately.