Registration Tracking Option

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Registration Tracking

The Athlete Information Screen has three data fields:


RegTypes          Registration Types
Prev                Previous Year Registered
Curr                Current Year Registered
Reg Date                Date this athlete was last registered


Do not confuse the RegTypes (Registration Types) with the Registration #1 and Registration #2 fields.  There are 12 possible Registration Types, with the four default types of Athlete, Coach, Official, and Administrator.


The Team Information Screen has a data field Team Registration Type with a drop down menu.  The usual choices are "Local" or "Foreign", but you can set up additional choices from the Setup Menu, then clicking on Registration Type Preferences.


To set up the Registration Types, click on Setup / Registration Type Preferences.  Click Here for more information on Registration Type Preferences.



Mail Type

When setting up or editing teams, you have the option to enter a character code to set up define mailing lists.  For example, you could separate teams by size or location.