Age Divisions

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Age Divisions are primarily designed for Youth Athletics teams because of their birth date range structure.  High Schools and Colleges normally set-up each event as Open and should NOT use Age Divisions. Note:  Click Here for more information on setting up Event Divisions such as JV & Varsity for High School  ( See Groups/Subgroups/Codes).


The division eligibility formulas allow you to define the division in a way that will universally apply to all meets. The age range and the low and high date calculation method are used to figure out which athletes fit in the division.  This formula then would apply to all meets and would depend on the date of the meet.


These are the default Age Division codes:


SB        Sub-Bantam        0-8        Day 1 of Meet                Year of Meet

BN        Bantam        9-10        Year of Meet                Year of Meet

MI        Midget        11-12        Year of Meet                Year of Meet

YH        Youth        13-14        Year of Meet                Year of Meet

IN        Interim        15-16        Year of Meet                Year of Meet

YG        Young        17-18        Year of Meet                Last Day of Meet

MAS        Masters        19-99        Day 1 of Meet                Day 1 of Meet



Merge Division Codes

As discussed above, TFTM allows you to "name" a Division for Youth Division Events. TFTM automatically sets up standard Division Codes for each of the Youth Divisions - for example, BN for Bantam, MI for Midget, and YH for Youth. However when you import meet results from MEET MANAGER, Division names will be imported as "numbers". For example, if you are importing meet results from a Youth Division type meet, Midget events may be imported as a Division code of "1" and Bantam events may be imported with a Division code of "2". If you wish to name those Division code "numbers", click on Set-up then Divisions and then highlight, for example, the code "1" and click on Edit and then change it to "MI" and click OK. TFTM will ask you if you wish to merge that Code with the one that exists - click Yes. Now do the same for the code of "2" and edit it to match the one that exists for "BN".