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How to Import Records

Records Browser


After you have set up a particular Record, you might want to export that Records file to MEET MANAGER to import for a particular meet.  Or, you might want to export the file for your track & field organization (League, State, Province, or Country) to provide to other clubs in your organization who might want to import those Records and for use with their TEAM or MEET MANAGER Database.


In order to Export a Records File that has been set up in TFTM, click on Records from the Main Menu Bar and then Export Records. Select the disk drive and directory on which to store the file.  Then choose the particular Record file you want to export from the list in the Available Records list box.  Click on the OK button and TFTM will export the Record file to the disk drive and directory that you specified.


Please note that the Record file will always have the extension of .TCL.