Purge Items in Your Database

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TFTM offers a very powerful set of Database item purge choices for you to use to maintain your Team Database.  Click on File from the Main menu Bar and then Purge.  TFTM will display a list of Database item purge choices as follows.



Warning:  Once any of the Purge operations have been completed, there are no "'recovery" options other than Restoring your Database from a previous Backup.



Purge Athletes/Results

Choose this purge option when you wish to selectively remove athletes, with or without their meet results.


Use the Athlete Filters to selectively remove athletes, for example, you might want to remove all of your Senior athletes from your Database, or, you might want to purge all the athletes in a particular Group or Subgroup or Age Range.


Use the Purge Options

_bm5to either totally remove athletes and all data concerning them
_bm5to selectively remove athletes' results, such as all but the best marks, a certain number of best marks, or all marks (while retaining all other Athlete Information).



Purge Meets

Choose this purge option to remove any particular Type of meets (Championship, Dual, Invitational, Novice, Regional, or Sectional) or a date range of meets.   Click Here for more information on Meet Type and how to set them up.  This purge also removes all of the meet results for the meets selected.



Delete Current Database

Choose this option to TOTALLY DELETE all the information in the Database that is currently Opened.  Please be careful before selecting this option since once completed, all the information in the opened database will be removed.