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How to Add or Edit Mark Standards

How to Delete a Mark Standard File


A Mark Standard is simply a set of marks that have been established to represent a certain level of achievement.  For example, an A mark has a certain value for every age and event.  Sometimes these Mark Standards (Qualification Marks or cuts) are specified as criteria for entering a meet.  For example, an A Meet may require that only those athletes who have previously achieved an A mark can enter the meet.


Mark Standards can be set up by keying them into a TFTM Database.  You can also pick a previously entered Mark Standard from this menu and ask that TFTM Copy that Mark Standard file into the new one you are setting up.  This is a nice feature when you want to slightly modify an existing Mark Standard without losing the "old" information.


Click on Standards from the Main Menu Bar and then Add/Edit Standards.  To select a particular Mark Standard to display, choose one from the list in the Available Standards selection box.


Click Here for information about how to Add or Edit Mark Standards.


Click Here for Information about how to Create a NEW Mark Standard File.  Select one of the three Event Age Grouping choices.


Click Here for information about how to Delete an entire Mark Standard File.



How Mark Standards Work

A Mark Standard has one Tag, such as QUAL for Qualifying Cuts.  A Tag can be 1 to 4 characters in length.


In addition, each specific Standard can have a "Worse than" or a "Better than" component.  For example, click on the Gold "Better than" component could be 28.97 as in the example above which means that all Girls Intermediate 100 Meter times that are 14.28 or faster will be tagged with "Gold" next to the mark.  For example:


Sharon Tippett        100 Meter  13.44 Gold
Betty Odom        100 Meter  14.65


Or, the Tag for a specific Standard for a particular gender, event, distance, and age range could indicate marks that are "Worse than" a particular mark.  For example, suppose you wanted to tag all of the times that were "worse than" a 18.50 for the Boys SubBantam 100 Meters and call that designator "Nov" for "Novice".  You would click on the "Worse than" radio button 18.50 in the  side of the Standard and leave the "Better than" side blank.  For example,


Bill Glass        100 Meters    19.22 Nov
Sam Hawkins        100 Meters    18.55 Nov


TFTM will use the Qualification Mark (specific Standard) in the Entry Browser and Eligibility Report to indicate which marks qualify for each event.


Sort Options

TFTM will display the selected Mark Standard with each designator including Gender, Age Range, Event, Distance, and whether it is an Individual or Relay event.  You can sort the Browser information by any of these fields by just clicking on the column name at the top of the grid.



Filter Options

You can filter the information in the grid by Gender, Event, and Distance.