Meets Report

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How to Add or Edit Meets


To print or preview a report of meets that have been setup, click on Reports from the Main Menu Bar and then Administrative and Meets.




You can filter this report by:


_bm5Date Range
_bm5Meet Type
_bm5Meet Kind




You can choose to include a Win-Loss Record, and you can choose Include Remarks.


You can also sort the report alphabetically by name, or by ascending or descending meet start date.  For example, you may want to print all the meets in 2001 sorted by ascending date.


Click on the Include Remarks check box and TFTM will include any remarks that you have included when you set up the meet.


Click on the Create Report button and TFTM will provide a preview of this report.


You can click on the Export icon at the top of the Print Preview screen to export the report in various formats like Excel, Word, HTML, CSV, PDF, etc.  And you can click on the Printer icon and TFTM will print the report to the selected printer.