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How to Add or Edit Records

How to Delete a Record File

How to Import Records

How to Export Records


A record is simply the fastest mark achieved in a particular age group, event, distance, and venue.  Examples of Records would be a Facility Record, Team Record, Meet Record, State Record, or a World record.  You have the


Records can be set up by keying them into a TFTM Database.


Click on Records from the Main Menu Bar and then Add/Edit Records.  To select a particular Record to display, choose one from the list in the Available Records selection box.


Click Here for information about how to Add or Edit Records.


Click Here for information about how to Create a NEW Record File.  Select one of the three Event Age Grouping choices.


Click Here for information about how to "Identifying Flags for Reports".


Click Here for information about how to Edit Record Set Description.


Click Here for information about how to Delete an entire Record File.



How Records Work

A Record includes the following information:


_bm2Record Mark
_bm2Gender, Age Group, Event and Distance of the event
_bm2Venue - either Indoor or Outdoor.
_bm2Optional Date the Record was set
_bm2Optional Record Holder Information
_bm2Affiliation - that is the Team Name of the Record Holder


Once this information has been entered for a particular Record, you can run the Records Match Report after each meet to get a list of any records that have been broken during that meet.  The Records Match Report will also give you the option of automatically updating any new records that were broken.  Click Here for more information about the Record Match Report.



Sort Options

TFTM will display the selected Record including Gender, Age Range, Event, Distance, and whether it is an Individual or Relay event.  The Record Holder information with the date the Record was set will also be displayed.  You may sort the Browser information by any of these fields by just clicking on the column name at the top of the grid.



Filter Options

You can filter the information in the grid by Gender, Indoor, Outdoor, Event, and Distance.