Report Preferences

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To set up various report preferences, click on Set-up, Preferences, then Report Preferences.





Athlete Name Format

You have the option of customizing how you want Athlete names displayed.


Report Headers

You may enter a one line or two line header that will be centered and printed at the top of every report.



_bm6Athletes' names can be displayed in the following ways:

                 * As keyed or imported

                 * All CAPS

                 * UPPER/Lower case

_bm6For events that have no age group limits, the event description can be displayed as

                 * Open - Men's Open 100 Meter Dash

                 * Senior  - Men's Senior 100 Meter Dash

                 * No Designation -  Men's 100 Meter Dash

_bm6You can choose "Dash" or "Sprint" to describe short distance running events.