Team Manager 7.0 for Swimming

Team Manager 7.0 was released on July 16, 2012.  Click here for a list of new features

Product Description Regular Price Discount Price
Team Registration Online
Simple, one-time payment registrations with no recurring fees can now be set up on your own directly through Team Manager. Set it up through the Settings section and you will be taking online registrations in no time!
For complex team registrations needing payment flexibility like recurring training dues and online volunteer registration management. Collect recurring payments and participant information online and then with one mouse click import the data directly into your Team Manager.
NEW! Online Meet Entry (US, Canada, Australia-only)
Allow parents the online ability to pick the sessions their child plans to attend and the events they wish to swim. Choose one of the 3 options below to activate OME:
1. Meet Fee Collection: Accept online payments at time of registration. (Per transaction fee applies).
2. Alternative payment collection for Online Meet Entry: Subscription allows you the freedom to process your own fees.
  • 3-month subscription from date of order
  • 12-month subscription from date of order
Team Manager 7.0 Upgrade from Version 6.0 or earlier:

What's Included:
  • Over 20 NEW Features
  • NEW! Self-set up of online team registration: For coaches with single-payment registrations, set up your online team registration on your own and you will be taking registrations and payments in no time.
  • NEW! Online Meet Entry (US-only): Allow parents the online ability to pick the sessions their child plans to attend and the events they wish to swim. Accept payments online at time of registration.*
  • NEW! Online parent portal: Give parents the control to declare their swimmers are coming to meets, select events and sessions to attend and see the status of their requests.
  • FREE Subscription for Team Connect and Team Stats Online for all TM packages
  • The "options" you have already purchased are automatically "mapped" into our new Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages as described below
*A 4.95% transaction fee applies to online payments. Additional 1% fee applies to American Express transactions

TM Product Packages for NEW Customers

What's Included:
  • All the basic features needed to manage the administrative and performance data of a swim team including setting up swimmers, entries, results as well as lots of reports and more.
  • NEW! Online Meet Entry functionality (US-only): additional per transaction or subscription fee applies
  • FREE Subscription for Team Connect Online
  • FREE Subscription for Team Stats Online
What's Included:
  • All features in the Bronze package
  • Time Standards and Record set up and tracking
  • Graph Swimmer's Performance and Goals
  • Maintain coach's Journal and Recruiting data
  • Set up and print Meet Entry cards and labels
  • Set up and print Award and improvement labels
  • Run meet results simulation to optimize entry selections
  • Multi-user Network option for Local Area Networks (LAN)
What's Included:
  • All features in the Silver package
  • Workout creation and tracking
  • Workout Training and Swimmer Attendance
  • Workout set up export to Pace Clock

EXISTING TM 7.0 Bronze and Silver Customers may advance to another package level as follows:

Advance to the Silver Package
Advance from Silver to Gold
Advance from Bronze to Gold
Product Replacement
This is NOT an upgrade but replaces the TM 7.0 product you previously ordered

Product Delivery Options

Web Delivery is not immediate. It will be available after the order is processed.

you will be charged for Shipping and Handling
Web Delivery ONLY
PLEASE NOTE: Once your order has been processed you will receive an email with a link to download the software. This link will be valid for one year from the date that it is sent. (Please be sure to check junk/spam folders if not seen in your inbox). HY-TEK does not recommend this option since you may want to install the product after a year and will be required to purchase a Product Replacement.
Web Delivery AND CD
You will be charged for Shipping and Handling and emailed web delivery instructions to download the software