MEET MANAGER 2.0 for Track & Field

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Seeding of Heats and Flights Option
Combined-Event Option
Multi-Age Group Option
Age Grading Option
Administrative Labels Option
Award Labels Option
Cross Country/Road Racing Scoring Option

The following features all require the MEET MANAGER Start-Up.

Pro Option
Includes Network and Results to the Web
The INTERFACE for Photo Finish Timing
FinishLynx, Omega Hawk Eye, MacFinish, FlashTiming
The INTERFACE for Button Finish Timing
Check the Catalog or Sales Office for a list of supported devices
FieldLynx INTERFACE for Palm Pilot
Alpha Scoreboard INTERFACE
to Display Names/Results (Daktronics, Fairtron, Generic)

Site and Organizational License Options
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Site License N/A
Organizational License N/A
Product Replacement for Current Product Release N/A

Product Delivery Options

Web Delivery is not immediate. It will be available after the order is processed.

you will be charged for Shipping and Handling
Web Delivery ONLY
No CD and No Shipping and Handling Charges (You will be emailed web delivery instructions and then you will have 30 days to download the product. In general, we do not recommend this option since you may want to install the product after the 30 day period and have to order a product replacement)
Web Delivery AND CD
You will be charged for Shipping and Handling and emailed web delivery instructions to download the software within 7 days