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MEET MANAGER for Swimming

MEET MANAGER for Swimming is the most widely used meet management software in the world. MEET MANAGER has been the our flag ship product since the first version was introduced in 1985.  MEET MANAGER 3.0, released at the end of July 2009, is our current production release.

Click Here for information about "What's in MM 3.0" and "How To Upgrade".


Click Here for the current MM 3.0 Maintenance Update Release Notes


MEET MANAGER for Swimming includes powerful and easy to use display and editing features such as drag and drop for entries and relays, scrolling browsers with in-cell editing, hundreds of reports with extensive export and customization options, an extensive Online Help, the ability to import meet entries electronically from other products as well as the web, and much more.  MEET MANAGER has been used for many country's Olympic Trials, World Cups, and National Championships using FINA points as well as their own special point systems.  And MEET MANAGER is being used all over the world to run all types of meets:

  • Summer League dual meets

  • High School dual and double dual meets

  • College dual and double dual meets

  • Age Group Invitational meets

  • Masters Meets

  • Disability meets

  • Open Water and Cable Swims

Reports are beautifully designed and you have the flexibility to re-word every report title and every column header any way you want, in any language. 

MEET MANAGER is perfect for High School and College dual meets and  integrates seamlessly with eDive, the leading software for competitive diving.  MEET MANAGER also provides a complete suite of advancement options for High School District, Regional, and State levels meets.  Just enter the information once and declare the advancement rules and let MEET MANAGER do the rest!


The MEET MANAGER Start-Up comes ready to help you run your swim meet - seeding, meet program, scoring, reports, diving, etc.  You can add options to customize your MEET MANAGER based on the type of meet you are running. 

● For Age Group and Masters meets, we recommend the Start-Up and Both Standard Options. 

● For High School or College meets, we recommend just the Start-Up.

If you have a timing console/touch pads, you will want to order the Timing Console INTERFACE option. The Timing Console INTERFACE option is software built into MEET MANAGER which allows MEET MANAGER to connect directly to popular timing consoles including the Colorado Time System CTS 4000, 5000, and 6000; Daktronics Omnisport 1000, 6000, and 2000; IST; Omega OSM 6, Ares 21, and PowerTime; Incomar Splash 1; BestBET Timing; Take Your Mark; and the ALGE SWIM 2000.  Connect your PC or Mac running MEET MANAGER to the timing console with a standard serial cable available at most computer supply stores.  With one mouse click, import times including splits as well as download events right to the Timing Console - it's easy and fast and no KEYING ERRORS! MEET MANAGER also works with the CTS Dolphin Wireless Stopwatch - Click Here for details.

The Scoreboard INTERFACE option is software built into MEET MANAGER which allows MEET MANAGER to connect directly to most alphanumeric scoreboard systems.  MEET MANAGER sends both Start Lists (Swimmers' names) and Results right to the Scoreboard display either directly or through the timing console using a standard serial cable available at most computer supply stores.

MEET MANAGER supports our Data Interchange Format to import/export information to/from TEAM MANAGER and Sports BUSINESS MANAGER.  So with any of our products, you only enter information ONCE.

The MEET MANAGER Start-Up comes ready to run most aspects of any meet. You can purchase the following options for MEET MANAGER to expand its capabilities.

Award Labels ..... Let MEET MANAGER print an award label after each event for 1st, 2nd, etc. customized to the size label you select. Also, print labels for "Personal Best" and "Standard Achievers," as well as heat ribbons.
Entry Card/Labels ..... Optionally print labels or cards that reflect entries for your meet (seeded or unseeded) on Laser, Ink Jet, or Dot Matrix printers.
TM Lite is software designed for a meet host to distribute to teams entering the meet so that those teams can send their meet entries to the meet host electronically by disk or over the Internet. TM Lite is provided FREE to a meet host using MEET MANAGER  to distribute ONLY to the teams entering the meet.  The meet host can create TM  Lite product CDs to distribute to the participating teams or purchase additional TM Lite CDs directly from our Sales Office. Or each team can download TM Lite from the Download Center on our Home Page.  Please note that TM Lite supports up to 100 swimmers per team.

TM Lite is basically TM with the following features enabled:
Standard Set-Up and Options Features
Enter Teams, Athletes, Relays, Meets and Browsers
Specifying Meet Entry Custom Times by Event or by Name
Import of Meet Events from a MEET MANAGER Database
Export of Meet Entries to send to the meet host by diskette or over the Internet
Meet Entry Report
  Click Here to view the TM Lite Instructions in Acrobat format.

  Download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

MEET MANAGER for Swimming Pro Option
The Pro Option of MEET MANAGER for Swimming includes two very powerful features:

* Multi-User Network Feature
Whether you are running your meet in one pool or you are running a double-ended meet, this feature will clearly change the way you run your meets.  If you are running a double-ended meet, you can set up two computers and share the same Database - one computer running the boys events and one computer running the girls events   Or you can even run the even heats on one computer and the odd heats on the other.  And at the same time, you can have the Clerk of Course handling Check-In, Scratches, and Seeding - all information being shared from a common Database.  Set up computers in the coaches or spectator areas to print reports as the meet progresses.  The Multi-User Network Option provides the tools for you to effectively manage the permission levels for each computer.

* Real-Time Results Upload to the Web
MM Pro can upload a complete results web page with the event list indexed into each event's result without the web master writing a single line of HTML code.  In addition, as the meet progresses, MM Pro can upload the results to the web site for the just completed Event or the just completed Heat with one key stroke.  This is a great feature for parents, swimmers, and coaches to actually watch the meet live as it happens. It's also a possible revenue source for the host club if they want to provide advertising space on the results web page.  Click Here to see results from a National meet that were uploaded to a web site using the MM Pro Real-Time Results Export feature.

MEET MANAGER for Swimming Pro works with any Windows based peer-to-peer Network with a standard Fast Ethernet card in each computer with the appropriate cabling or a wireless network setup with wireless router.  We recommend a 1 GHz or faster computer with 256 MB RAM for the computer that will contain the shared Database.

What You Will Need to Run MEET MANAGER
MEET MANAGER for Swimming requires a Pentium, Celeron, or AMD computer of at least 500 MHz (preferably 1 GHz or faster) with at least 500 MB of RAM (preferably 1 GB of RAM or more) and either Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. 

Support and Maintenance Updates for MEET MANAGER
MEET MANAGER 3.0 for Swimming was released for production in July 2009.  Click Here for information on Tech Support options.

Licensing Options for MEET MANAGER

The MEET MANAGER for Swimming software may be licensed in the following ways:

1. Club or Team License
This is our most popular License option and allows the Club, School, or Team to run any meet that is HOSTED BY (at their own pool) and COMPETED IN by that club, school, or team.   For example, if MM is licensed to Central High School, the software may be used to run all of the home dual meets at Central High School as well as any invitational meets that are sponsored by and participated in by the Central High School Swim Team. Please note that a club and school team must have their own license even if they swim at the same site and have the same head coach.

2. Championship Meet License
This License option allows the software to be used to run one specific championship meet each year.  A typical use of this License option would be to run the State Championship meet that is rotated among different high schools each year.

Having a Championship Meet license requires the Licensee to submit via email to sales@hy-tekltd.com the date of the meet each year. When this information is received a web download will be emailed to the Licensee for that year. If a CD is needed a product replacement should be purchased through our online store. When a license is being upgraded, a CD will be sent at no charge for that order.

3. Site License
A facility may want to order MM and use it for all the meets that are run at that one facility - Age Group, Masters, High School, College, etc.  The Site License option requires an annual subscription fee.

4. Organizational License
A swim Organization may want to order MM and use it for up to a maximum of four (4) Championship meets ONLY.  An Organizational license may not be used for club or school hosted meets.  An example of an Organizational License might be for a Province or State running their 3 or 4 provincial or state championship meets.  The Organizational License option requires an annual subscription fee.

Email: sales@hy-tekltd.com    TEL: Toll Free 866.456.5111

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