MEET MANAGER 6.0 for Swimming


Service Pack Release Notes



Procedure to Download and Install Service Packs

Start MEET MANAGER 6.0 and click on Check for Updates at the top of the main screen.        

If a Firewall is preventing the Check for Updates process from completing, you can order a Product Replacement CD from the HY-TEK Online Store. Or go to the HY-TEK Download Center, click on Update next to MEET MANAGER 6.0, and SAVE the MEET MANAGER 6.0 Service Pack update file to your hard drive (to c:\Hy-Sport for example). Then start MM 6.0 and click on File / Install Update and follow the prompts.



Version 6.0Ea - March 24, 2017

In Run > Reports > Record Forms, the U.S. Masters Record Application form report has been updated.

Previously, for a Multi-age group event with entries less than the number of lanes, sending compiled results to a scoreboard resulted in an Unknown Error. This issue has been fixed.

Previously, when exporting relay results, selecting File > Export > Generic Data in MS Access Export Type > Athletes/Teams/Entries/Results resulted in the Preliminary relay result athlete order being incorrectly exported as the Final relay result athlete order. This issue has been fixed.

Previously, unchecking the File > Export > Results for Swim Manager/SWIMS/NCAA/USMS > Include Splits check-box still resulted in the inclusion of splits in the export. This issue has been fixed.


Version 6.0Dh - March 14, 2017

Previously, in Reports > Teams, selecting Team Rosters > Format > Athlete / Entry Count and By LSC options and then running the report resulted in a Serious Windows Error. This issue has been fixed.

Long course FINA points have been updated.


Version 6.0Dg - February 8, 2017

Australian Paralympic Points base times have been updated to the 2016-2017 edition.

Previously, in Reports > Sessions, creating the Sessions report resulted in erroneously-formatted start times for certain events in the session. This issue has been fixed.


Version 6.0Df - January 19, 2017

Previously, in the Wylas Timing integration, duplicate first events were returned twice for each meet. This issue has been fixed.

Previously, in Memorized reports, only 8 lanes were displayed for a 9 lane meet. This issue has been fixed.

Previously, creating a single-column Meet Program report with many age groups resulted in a field too small error. This issue has been fixed.

Previously, creating a Team Program report with more than 6 characters for the team abbreviation and LSC resulted in a field too small error. This issue has been fixed.


Version 6.0De - November 4, 2016

Australian Paralympic points have been updated to the current version.


Version 6.0Dd - October 24, 2016

Added "Wylas timing" online help page.

Seeding events resulted in a subscript out of range error. This issue has been fixed.


Version 6.0Dc - October 11, 2016

Meet Manager 6.0 for Swimming now supports integration of the Wylas Timing wireless timing system.


Version 6.0Db - September 2, 2016

FINA points have been updated to the current version.


Version 6.0Da - July 11, 2016

Removed the requirement to use the latest update to import .sd3 entry files, so that League Coordinators can test the latest update before other league users install it.

Sorting filters (by athlete, team/athlete, etc) for Exhibition labels now function as expected.

The "Subscript out of range" error encountered when creating Award Labels has been fixed.

In the "Help" menu, the "Help Center" link has been changed to "Online Help Center" and moved to the top of the menu, to encourage users to use the Online Help Center before calling customer support.


Version 6.0Ch - June 22, 2016

When creating an Award Labels report, a "No Data for this report" or "Item not found" error message appears even when the report has entries. This issue has been fixed.

In File > Export > Start list for scoreboard > CTS, the final session is duplicated. This issue has been fixed.


Version 6.0Cg - April 28, 2016

This release further enhances the new USA Swimming rule to use the FINA method for adjusting pad times with backup times. The choice of either the FINA rule or the old USA Swimming rule has been removed from the Backup Preferences Menu found in the Run Menu and is now only located in the Meet Setup Menu.

The 2015-2016 Australian Multi-Class base times had an error for the S14 Long Course Men's 400 Free and this is corrected.


Version 6.0Cf - March 28, 2016

YMCA will be switching to FINA time adjustment rules beginning May 1, 2016 contrary to what was stated in the January 27 release notes below.

When exporting a USA-S Registration sd3 file, the file to be zipped is now named with the meet name and date instead of just sdif001.sd3.

For computers using the new Edge Browser in Windows 10, installing Meet Manager from a CD or Web Delivery caused the Edge browser to stop working and this has been fixed.


Version 6.0Ce - January 27, 2016

Beginning May 1, 2016, USA Swimming will no longer use the average differential between pad times and backup times when adjusting the pad time for bad touches, but will use the FINA method which does not use the average differential. In order to prepare for that change ahead of time, the Meet Setup now has a choice at the bottom right to use the FINA method for adjusting pad times or to use the soon to be obsolete USA Swimming method. The option to make this choice was and still is in the Run Menu's Preference / Backup Times selection at the top of the Run Menu. However, when this was the only place to make this selection, the choice was stored on each computer and stayed the same for all meets on a given computer unless changed in the preferences, but now, because USA College, High School, YMCA, and Masters meets will not make this change as of May 1, 2016, meets on the same computer cannot be assumed to be using the same adjustment method. Thus the adjustment method choice must be made in the Meet Setup and the user will be forced to choose one or the other for each new meet. When opening older meets, Meet Manager will make its best guess as to which method had been used.

The Dolphin Interface for primary timing is supposed to be free, but was inadvertently inactivated in the last release and this has been corrected.

The Prelims to Finals Scratch Sheet that is created in the Run Menu after a Prelim round can now be printed using the printer icon added to the top of the Scratch Sheet window.

In the Run Menu, if the Records Grid is selected to replace the Team Scores Grid and if a record was broken, that record was not highlighted in light blue and this is corrected.

In the Meet Summary with Record Breakers selected, if a given record could only be broken by a swimmer from a given LSC, the records were not found if the LSC had a 3 character abbreviation instead of 2 characters and this is fixed.


Version 6.0Cd - December 16, 2015

The 2015-2016 Australian Multi-Class base times are updated with this release.

The entry fee and entry surcharges maximum has been changed from 500 to 999.

There is an option to exclude official's names from the DQ Summary report.

If meet was setup as 3+ dual, there could be an error message when creating the scores report from the Score button in the Run Menu and this is corrected.


Version 6.0Cc - October 21, 2015

When importing an SD3 entry file and using LSC along with the team abbreviation to find team matches, an error could occur in special cases and this is fixed.

When creating an Exceptions Report for NS, SCR, and DQ Statistics, an error could occur if there was a very high number in the count and this is fixed.

When creating a report for a Combined Event such as Pentathlon, if the swimmers with NT in any one event are not to be included, they were still being included if Top How Many was set to blank (which means list all swimmers). This has been corrected.


Version 6.0Cb - September 9, 2015

If using the Dolphin wireless watches for the primary times, the results came in one lane off unless the lanes were setup as 0 to 9. This is corrected.

The 2015 ASA DQ codes have been added to the list of DQ Code choices.

The "Since Date" for entry eligibility used in the Meet Event Export has been changed back to default to no date (actually the underlying date is Jan 1, 1970). The problem was that if the date was not specifically set in the Entry / Scoring Preferences, it defaulted to the date the database was setup which created confusion when imported by Swim Manager or Team Manager.


Version 6.0Ca - August 16, 2015

The Production version is completed for release on August 18, 2015.


Version 6.0Ba Beta - July 19, 2015

Beta version is released.