Service Packs Released in 2003

Version 5.1Ah - November 15, 2003

·If an Email address was inserted with a length that was too long, this would create and error in some reports and the error is now prevented. (15 Nov 2003)  
·When exporting USA Swimming registration files, those with no registration date are not exported. (15 Nov 2003)  
·The Account Balances Report was incorrect for the Invoice Balance Due column when setup for two Check Payable To's and this is corrected. (15 Nov 2003)  

Version 5.1Ag - October 26, 2003

·Invoice messages can now be 8 lines instead of just 6. (6 Oct 2003)  
·When importing parent / athlete information from TM II into SportsBM and when selecting to update the TM Groups, the TM Groups were not being updated and this is corrected. (6 Oct 2003)  
·A global update of USA Swim Registration Status has been added to the Global selection in Accounts. (6 Oct 2003)  
·An error occurred on Administrative Reports and Labels if there was an Email address greater than 36 characters. (6 Oct 2003)  
·If there is only one facility in the setup, that facility is always selected when accessing any menu. (6 Oct 2003)  
·The account balances report had incorrect column headers and this is now fixed. (10 Oct 2003)  
·The History Transaction Report from within Accounts has been revised to always sort by category / date. Sometimes the date order was incorrect. (26 Oct 2003)  
·If two check payable to's were setup and if there was an amount due only for the second check payable to, the top of the invoice incorrectly indicated "No Payment Due" and this is corrected. (26 Oct 2003)  
·When importing entry fees from TM or MM, an athlete match to find the account number had a flaw that did not always find the athlete and that has been improved. (26 Oct 2003)  

Version 5.1Af - September 23, 2003

·Under Setup / Preferences / Report Preferences, you have the option to use the Preferred Athlete Name or not on reports. (23 Sept 2003)  
·An error occurred on some reports for accounts set with use secondary address for billing. (23 Sept 2003)  
·When importing from SportsBM or TM II, the three custom athlete fields are now updated if the custom names for the fields match exactly. (23 Sept 2003)  

Version 5.1Ae - September 14, 2003

·There is a correction to the USS Registration Export as pertains to the batch numbers. When an export was created, the batch number was not being recorded with the database and so there was no way to know which registrations had been exported. (9 Sept 2003)  
·There is a new choice for mailing labels to print birthday labels for athletes within any month-day range. You also have the option to include the birth date on the label. (9 Sept 2003)  
·When creating mailing labels, you can now custom select which accounts or athletes to print. (14 Sept 2003)  

Version 5.1Ad - August 28, 2003

·There is a correction to the printing of USA Swimming Registration forms from the Reports Menu. If 2004 was selected, the USA Registration fee was printed as $25 instead of $40. However, printing the form from the Accounts / Athletes Menu using the REG icon was correct. (28 Aug 2003)  
·When Speed Add is used, the accounts are displayed in a grid and now the last column shows the first names of the athletes attached to a given account. (28 Aug 2003)  
·In QuickBilling, if the transaction description was too long, it created and error if you created a report of what would be charged and this is corrected. (28 Aug 2003)  
·All attendance list reports now have the athlete age shown with the athlete name. (28 Aug 2003)  

Version 5.1Ac - August 10, 2003

·When creating an account balances report, for account aging purposes, you can have it show the number of days since the last payment was made rather than the date of the last payment. (10 Aug 2003)  
·When editing a transaction for an account, if it was the first edit since the program was started and double click was used to edit, an error occurred and this is corrected. (10 Aug 2003)  
·Possible monthly budget amounts for the Checkbook budget report have been increased from 9,999 to 99,999. (10 Aug 2003)  
·When creating invoices and including the athlete names, you now have the option to include the group name with the athlete name. (10 Aug 2003)  

Version 5.1Ab - June 27, 2003

·Time saving Global functions have been implemented in the Accounts Menu. You can delete sets of transactions over any date range. You can Activate or Inactivate groups of accounts or athletes. And lastly, you can revise the entry escrow amount for groups of accounts. (27 June 2003)  
·When adding transactions to an account, it now shows you the balances for each invoice category and shows you the running totals as you add multiple transactions to the same account. (27 June 2003)  
·A correction has been made to the budget report routine when using the button to use the same budget amount for all 12 months for a given category. (27 June 2003)  

Version 5.1Aa - June 23, 2003

·For the Checkbook option, an AutoDeposit feature has been implemented where the deposit amount on any Daily Report can be automatically entered into the Checkbook Register. The five invoice categories associated with the Daily Report are entered as five splits, each with their subtotal amount. (23 June 2003)  
·When creating multiple invoices, the home phone only showed on the first invoice and this is corrected. (23 June 2003)  
·The Daily Report can now be created for any day in the past regardless of whether you have closed-out invoices or not. (23 June 2003)  

Version 5.1A - June 18, 2003

·The initial full production of SportsBM is released.