Service Packs Released in 2004

Version 5.1Bj - July 26, 2004

·This update supports the 2005 USA Swimming Registration new seasonal category.  
·The Country Codes have been updated to reflect new countries added in the last several years.  

Version 5.1Bi - July 2, 2004

·The account balances report can now be generated using dates prior to the current date. This report will accurately reflect past balances as long as Day 1 start-up balances are correct and the current previous balance has not been edited.  
·Filtering exports and reports on athlete school year is now functional.  

Version 5.1Bh - June 8, 2004

·When updating administrative data by importing an account/athlete roster from another SportsBM or from Team Manager, the primary second name email address was sometimes updated incorrectly and this is fixed.  

Version 5.1Bg - May 13, 2004

·This release corrects some problems with screen sizing.  

Version 5.1Bf - May 7, 2004

·The Email fields for all accounts and athletes have been increased to 50 characters to insure they can be used for the Emailing of Invoices.  
·In the Accounts Menu, the choices for showing active only, inactive only, male only, female only, and show all athletes or not are saved and restored whenever the Accounts Menu is accessed.  
·Export of Email Addresses to Outlook format has been split to allow creating one for accounts and a separate one for athletes.  
·In the Checkbook, the Summary Report for all accounts would sometimes get an error if some of the account names were too long. This has been fixed.  

Version 5.1Be - May 1, 2004

·There is a correction for an error that has occurred since April 18 when trying to open a new database.  

Version 5.1Bd - April 22, 2004

·The Athlete Join Date can now be displayed on the Athlete Roster reports.  
·The column headers for the Account Balances report were out of order and this is corrected.  

Version 5.1Bc - April 18, 2004

·The number of lines for the invoice message has been increased from 8 to 12.  
·For the Checkbook option, when entering a check number that is larger than 32767, an error occurs and this is corrected.  
·For the Account Contact report, if an account second first name has no phone number or email, that line is suppressed to make the report shorter.  

Version 5.1Bb - March 31, 2004

·There is a correction to Closing-Out Invoices wherein, under certain conditions, no transactions are found to be moved to History when in fact there are. (30 Mar 2004)  
·There is a correction to the invoices because the summary columns for debits and credits only showed zeroes. (31 Mar 2004)  
·When importing entry fees from TEAM MANAGER, there could be a runtime error and this is now prevented. (31 Mar 2004)  
Version 5.1Ba - March 17, 2004

·For the new Emailing Invoices Option, the sort order for the invoice has been corrected. In some cases, the transactions were not in date or invoice code order. (17 Mar 2004)  
·For reports and for Emailing Invoices, if the first name of the account has no email, the email of the second first name of the account will be used. (17 Mar 2004)  
·When importing entry fees from Team Manager, there is a new choice to over-ride the individual event fee amount and the relay event fee amount in case it is wrong or you don't want to charge for relays. (17 Mar 2004)  

Version 5.1B - February 12, 2004

·Hy-Tek's new Emailing Invoices Option is available with this update. This option will allow you to specify which accounts are to receive an electronic Email invoice or a printed and mailed invoice. Sending email invoices in a matter of seconds saves time and from $15 to $75 per month on postage, paper, and envelopes. Please contact the Sales Office to order this new option. (12 Feb 2004)  
·The User Guide can now be viewed in html form from our web site at the top of the SportsBM page at (12 Feb 2004)  
·Most everyone has a cell phone today, so for each account you can now enter a cell phone for parent 1 and parent 2 for the Primary and the Secondary account name. There is also an Email address and an office phone for both parent 1 and parent 2. For each athlete, we have added a phone and Email address. The Administrative reports for telephone lists have been re-designed to incorporate these new phones and there is a new report for Email Lists. (12 Feb 2004)  
·There is a new Export for account Email addresses and athlete Email addresses which creates a comma separated file that can be imported by Outlook or Outlook Express. (12 Feb 2004)  
·For each athlete, you now have the option to enter the full middle name. For USA Swimming clubs, this full middle name would be exported with the registration export and printed on the USA Swimming Registration Cards. (12 Feb 2004)  
·When performing a Close-Out of transactions, you now have the option to filter the accounts by a balance due greater than a certain amount, just like you can for creating invoices. (12 Feb 2004)