Service Packs Released in 2005

Version 5.1Br - November 17, 2005
·The Account Balances Report has been revised to correctly show the Invoice Balance Due column when there are credit balances, but escrow behavior is turned off.  

Version 5.1Bq - October 21, 2005

·This release corrects a formatting problem with the payroll reports in the Checkbook option.  

Version 5.1Bp - October 13, 2005

·This release corrects a problem with converting a DOS BM database and with creating a new database.  

Version 5.1Bn - October 3, 2005

·The USA-S Registration Export file has been changed to swap the positions of the Home and Office telephone numbers.  

Version 5.1Bm - August 28, 2005

·When emailing invoices, the ability to change the SMTP port number has been added to the Emailing Invoices Setup found in the Facility and Invoice Setup.  
·The Build ID feature has been removed for United Kingdom users with the advent of a new ID system which is an assigned number from the ASA.  

Version 5.1Bl - August 16, 2005

·The USA Swimming Registration changes for 2006 are included in this release. This includes the change in registration fee to $42 and the changes to the registration form. In addition, if an athlete does not have a complete primary mailing address and home telephone number, the USA Registration cannot be exported or printed.  

Version 5.1Bk - March 11, 2005

·This update supports the import of entry fees from Meet Results exported by the new MM 2.0 which uses the hy3 format for results.