Service Packs Released in 2006

Version 5.1Cg - December 18, 2006
·All help .hlp files have been replaced with html .chm help files as required by Windows Vista.  
·There is a correction to prevent an error from appearing on start-up if the new history report since date is not filled in.  

Version 5.1Cf - October 13, 2006

·When importing athletes/teams from TM4 and selecting Add New Athletes, clicking Skip this Athlete sometimes gave the message in the import report that the Athlete was Added instead of saying the athlete was skipped.  
·A problem with cents being rounded in Accounts / Transactions is corrected.  
·In Accounts / History Transactions, there is a preference added to use a Since Date for the History Transactions Report.  

Version 5.1Ce - October 12, 2006

·When editing the athlete registration for a given athlete that has a batch number from being previously exported, an error occurred if you elect to change the batch number to zero and this has been corrected.  
·When importing athletes/teams from TM4, if the group abbreviations in TM4 are not all uppercase, the import could get an error. This release prevents the error by converting all new group codes in the import file to all uppercase.  

Version 5.1Cd - October 6, 2006

·When reconciling the checkbook and when the balance is very large, say over 100,000, the cents portion was rounding to the nearest dime and that has been corrected.  

Version 5.1Cc - September 25, 2006

·Correction to preferred email address selection added September 22. The actual emailing of the invoice did not honor the new feature and this has been corrected.  

Version 5.1Cb - September 22, 2006

·In Accounts, you can now designate which parent to use for the preferred email address for Emailing Invoices. The default is the father who is always listed first, but with this feature you can designate that the mother's email be used instead.  
·When creating a History Transaction report from the Accounts Menu, a History Preferences Menu has been added to allow the report to be sorted by category or by posting date. In addition, you can use a Since Date to list only history transactions after a certain date. The History Preferences Menu is accessed by clicking the heart icon.  

Version 5.1Ca - August 15, 2006

·The USA Swimming Card printing used the father's last name for the mother's last name if they were different and this is corrected.  
·If an account has a mother's first name, but no father's first name, the account name was shown as "& Mary" instead of just "Mary" and this is corrected.  

Version 5.1C - July 25, 2006

·Support for the USA Swimming 2007 Registration changes are included in this release. This includes the addition of the mother's last name for accounts for cases where the mother's last name is different than the father's. For more details on the USA Swimming Registration, refer to the SportsBM Help Index link to USA Swimming Registration topics.  

Version 5.1Bv - July 20, 2006

·Transactions in a Liability account in the Checkbook Menu cannot be deleted directly except by deleting the parent transaction in the Bank Account. However, should a duplicate transaction get into the Liability Account in error, there was no way to get rid of the duplicate. Now you can delete the duplicate directly from the Liability account.  

Version 5.1Bu - April 12, 2006

·A problem with the Checkbook Payroll report has been corrected.  

Version 5.1Bt - April 7, 2006

·When importing Accounts/Athletes where two athletes of the same gender from the same team have the same first name and the same last name, only one gets imported and this is corrected.  

Version 5.1Bs - February 22, 2006

·An option for indenting the invoice address up to 10 spaces has been added to the Facility and Invoice Setup to accommodate various two window envelopes.