Service Packs Released in 2007

Version 5.1Dg - November 15, 2007
·When exporting USA Swimming Registrations, you can now reset the batch number to 1.  

Version 5.1Df - July 17, 2007

·Support for the USA Swimming 2008 Registration is included in this release. For more details on the USA Swimming Registration, refer to the SportsBM Help Index link to USA Swimming Registration topics.  

Version 5.1De - March 13, 2007

·When importing MM hy3 result files into SportsBM for entry fee charges, if there were prelims and finals. athletes and relays in both prelims and finals of the same event would be double charged and this is corrected.  

Version 5.1Dd - March 12, 2007

·The Check for Updates feature has been added to SportsBM which allows SBM to check the Hy-Tek web site to see if there is a new update available.  
·The Install Update routine has been revised to correct a problem on MS Vista machines which prevented the update from completing.  

Version 5.1Dc - March 6, 2007

·When importing account information for Track & Field from Track TEAM MANAGER 2.0, SportsBM could not import the 2.0 .tcl file and that has been corrected.  

Version 5.1Db - February 20, 2007

·In the Checkbook Menu, if there are duplicate transactions in a transfer account, you can now edit the parent transaction in the bank register and it will clean up the duplicate transfer in the liability transfer account.  

Version 5.1Da - February 12, 2007

·When importing MM hy3 result files into SportsBM for entry fee charges, some relay names did not get charged under certain situations and that is corrected.  

Version 5.1D - January 21, 2007

·The Help file has been replaced to correct a problem with the Help Index.