MEET MANAGER 4.0 for Track & Field


Service Pack Release Notes



Procedure to Download and Install Service Packs

Start MEET MANAGER 4.0 and click on Check for Updates at the top of the main screen.        
If a Firewall is preventing the Check for Updates process from completing, you can order a Product Replacement CD from the HY-TEK Online Store. Or go to the HY-TEK Download Center, click on Update next to MEET MANAGER 4.0, and SAVE the MEET MANAGER 4.0 Service Pack update file to your hard drive (to c:\Hy-Sport for example). Then start MM 4.0 and click on File / Install Update and follow the prompts.



Version 4.0Ca - September 26, 2016

When scoring a Cross Country meet, Unknown Errors 9, 3265, 3078 or 3021 would occur and the team scores would not be displayed at the end of the report. This issue is resolved in this release.
On the Help menu, the "Help Center" link has been renamed to "Online Help Center" and moved to the top of the menu.


Version 4.0Bm - April 6, 2014

In the Real Time Results upload for performance lists, scratches can be excluded.
For the Combined Event spreadsheet of results, if only one event is complete and an athlete is DQ's, the athlete now shows up in the spreadsheet instead of not being listed at all.
For the Entry Fee report in the Team Report Menu, if two teams had the exact same team name, only one was listed and this is corrected.
If an event had quarter-finals, the alternates for the heat sheet for quarter-finals would be incorrect if one or more of the advancing entries from preliminaries was scratched from quarter-final seeding. This issue is fixed.


Version 4.0Bl - February 27, 2014

If Report Preferences has 'Show Country Code with Team Name' selected, the athlete's country code did not show with the team name in the results and this is corrected.
The entry fee report from the Team Report included Cross Country and Road Race teams as relay fees when it should not have and this is corrected.
Team Abbreviations are normally four characters, but to accommodate importing swim rosters and teams several years ago, Track MM allowed the import of five character team abbreviations from Swim roster export files. However, the fifth character was never added to the track export tcl files which meant if a rack team used five characters for their team abbreviation, that team would import with only the first four characters and create a duplicate if there was already a team with those same four characters. The track export and import routines have now been revised to handle five character team abbreviations.
When uploading Performance Lists or Heat Sheets to real time results, the event start date was incorrect if only one session was selected and this corrected.
For real time results, when the last heat was uploaded using F11 from the Run Menu, the meet name was left out of the uploaded result and this has been fixed.
When exporting results in semi-colon delimited format for Cross Country events, if there were more than one team from the same school or club, the team letter A, B, C, etc. is now included in the results.
The Event List report did not sort the age groups correctly when 'Expand Multi-Age Groups' was selected and his is fixed.
When using the Score button in the Run Menu for a Combined Event to get the spreadsheet, if team points were not being scored and there was a JD entered to break a tie, the tie breaker did not show in the spreadsheet and this is corrected. If team points were being assigned for scoring, then there was no problem.
In the Run Menu, If an event had one entry without a result and that entry was exhibition, the event would incorrectly show the event as Done and this is fixed.


Version 4.0Bk - November 4, 2013

For Cross Country meets setup as Divisions by Team, the team scoring was properly separated by division in the CCRR Module, but from the Run Menu, team scoring by division was not correct and this has been fixed.
The new NCAA rule for breaking ties in Cross Country by comparing head to head placings has been implemented.
For result times that are over 2 hours, an occasional rounding error could occur which would add .01 to a time and this is corrected.


Version 4.0Bj - June 11, 2013

For disability events, there is a choice to include the word Wheelchair or Ambulatory with the event name without having to use the event note.
For AAU Youth meets, there is a revision for the 80 meter hurdles to score correctly in Combined Events as long as "11 Year" or "12 Year" is somewhere in the division name.


Version 4.0Bi - May 29, 2013

When importing FinishLynx files for races that use the new Lynx Ultrasonic wind gauge, the .lif file format was changed which caused MM to import negative wind readings as positive wind readings. MM can now import both the old and the new wind reading format found in .lif files.


Version 4.0Bh - May 24, 2013

If you are using a database that was created several years ago or longer and have continued to re-use that same database each year by purging and starting over, you will get errors when reading in FinishLynx files with splits. This version fixes the database so that the splits will import without error.
When creating heat sheets, if an entry was qualified as an alternate for the next round but was scratched from the next round, the entry was still listed as an alternate and this is corrected.


Version 4.0Bg - May 7, 2013

When creating a check-in report for an event that is past the first round, unless heat/lane was selected for the report, all entries were listed instead of just those that have been seeded and this is corrected.
When using the Web real time menu for uploading all completed event rounds, if an event had 3 or 4 rounds and the round after the last completed round was already seeded, the results for the last completed round was not uploaded and this is corrected.
When using the Web real time menu for uploading the default result pages, if an event was 4 rounds, the default page for semi-finals was not uploaded and this is corrected.
When creating a check-in report, any event setup as multi-age group caused an error and this is corrected.
When creating a check-in report with heat/lane selected, quarter final rounds did not show the heat/lane and this is corrected.


Version 4.0Bf - Mar 11, 2013

When printing results in one column format, if none of the check boxes for records, mark standards, event comments, and qualifying marks are checked to be included, the report is blank. This has been corrected.
The Athlete Roster reports by athlete sorted incorrectly and this is fixed.
When reading Lynx files containing splits, if there was only one split, say the 55 split for the 60, the split was not read into the database and this is corrected.
When setting up custom alleys for distance events, problems occurred with heat sheet reports if any of the custom alpha-numeric assignments were blank and this is now avoided.
When customizing the output from MM to Daktronics scoreboards, bulbs high and bulbs wide have been replaced with number of display rows and number of characters across.
In the Records Menu, when using Update to update the records, the Combined Event sub-event records did not update and this is corrected.
Real Time Results to the web now includes the creation date and time at the top right if so selected in the Run Menu's Web Preferences.


Version 4.0Be - Feb 21, 2013

The number of possible heights for the Field Series for the High Jump and Pole Vault has been increased from 19 to 40. If Field Lynx or the Swiss Track & Field Package are used to import the series, up to 40 heights will be imported. In addition, if manually entering or altering the heights using Ctrl-F in the Run Menu, the heights can be added, edited, or deleted in a much easier way. When including the series in a results report, there is only room for 18 heights, so if there are more than 18 heights for a given athlete, only the last 18 heights will be printed.
The Auto Break Ties feature in the JD window of the Run Menu will not only break ties overall through several flights, but will now break ties within flights.
For scoreboards, MM can now transmit scoreboard data using UDP instead of serial ports. In MM, if you enter the IP address and port number for the scoreboard, the data will be broadcast to that IP and port. If you use for the IP address, the data will be broadcast to the entire network and multiple boards can receive the same data if the boards are using the same port number.


Version 4.0Bd - Feb 4, 2013

Ctrl-T in the Run menu enters notes for ties that were broken using the thousandths place and previously if the ties were tied to the thousandths place, no note would be entered, but now those notes are also entered showing the tie to the thousandths.
Ctrl-E from the Run Menu allows you to quickly enter an event number and jump to that event in the event list.
An error occurred when adding an athlete from the Scratch Pad or the Declarations Pad and this is corrected.
When Ctrl-T is pressed in the Run menu to enter notes for ties that were broken using the thousandths place, a small "t" could be entered into the time field in the heat if one of the times was in edit mode when Ctrl-T was pressed and this is corrected.
When using Ctrl-P to print the current heat / flight, the header for the report now indicates the heat / flight number, the event name, and the round.


Version 4.0Bc - Jan 24, 2013

When using the Auto Break Ties feature for multi-age group events in the Run Menu's JD window, the JD Placings now insert the place within the age group instead of the overall place for the entire event.
In Report / Preferences, when the team combo list box in the add/edit athlete window is set to sort by team name rather than by team abbreviation, an athlete's team could not be changed from the edit athlete window and this is corrected.
When using the new separate number of lanes for semi-finals and with that number being different from prelims, the advancement formula was correct for going from prelims to semis, but the number of lanes for semis was still set to the number in prelims and this has been corrected.
For the new Ctrl-T in the Run Menu to automatically add a note to each tied entry by showing the tie breaker times to the thousandths, if the time was one minute or more, the note showed total seconds instead of the minute and seconds format and this is corrected (i.e. 71.238 instead of 1:11.238).


Version 4.0Bb - Jan 17, 2013

When exporting results in semi-colon delimited format, an error occurred and this is corrected.
When converting an old TFMM 2.0 database an error occurred and this is corrected.


Version 4.0Ba - Jan 14, 2013

This is the first Production release for the new 4.0 version of MEET MANAGER.


Version 4.0Ag Beta - Jan 11, 2013

Pressing Ctrl-T in the Run Menu for track events will automatically enter a note for each tie found within the event where the tie can be broken to the thousandths. The note will be the time to the thousandths, such as 11.734.
In Report Preferences, there is an option to sort the team combo list box in the add/edit athlete window by team name rather than by team abbreviation.


Version 4.0Af Beta - Jan 4, 2013

Export and Import of records for Combined Event Sub-Events have been fixed to import properly in the Records Menu.
Adjustments have been made in the split routines to handle cases where all runners do not have the same number of splits.


Version 4.0Ae Beta - Jan 2, 2013

When updating records from the Records Menu, if an event had no record, the record was not updated and this corrected.
When reading Lynx result files, the code assumed there were always splits, so .lif files with no splits were read incorrectly and this is fixed.
For meets setup as 3+ duals, you can create a report of the dual meet team pairings for scoring. The report is created in Setup / Entry Scoring Preferences / 2 or 3+ Double Dual.


Version 4.0Ad Beta - Dec 23, 2012

An Interface for MyLaps result text files has been added to the CC/RR module. By selecting the new MyLaps Interface as the Timing Method for Cross Country and Road Race events, complete results can be imported from one text file created by the MyLaps system.


Version 4.0Ac Beta - Dec 21, 2012

The CC/RR Module can import splits if you are using FinishLynx to create .lif result files. There is a check box option in the CC/RR module to include splits or not in List and in Flat HTML reports. If updating the CC/RR results from the CC/RR module to the Track database in the Run Menu, splits, if any, will be copied too.
In Report Preferences, there is an option to display NT for result times that are less than 5 seconds. This is primarily used for cases where there are finish places for the event, but no times were recorded because of a malfunction. By entering times under 5 seconds, such as 1.01, 1.02, 1.03, etc, one can get the finish order correct and not have these fake times displayed in the results.


Version 4.0Ab Beta - Dec 18, 2012

If you are using FinishLynx to create .lif result files, splits, if any, will now be read into the MM database. When creating results reports either from the Run Menu or the Reports Menu, there is an option to include the splits or not for one, two, and three column results reports. For the real time results to the web, there is also an option to include the splits.
The heat number buttons in the Run Menu have a new color system. Gray means the heat has entries without results; Green means the heat has results for every lane/position; Red means the heat is the selected heat and has entries without results; Yellow means the heat is the selected heat and all entries in the heat have results.


Version 4.0Aa Beta - Dec 11, 2012

This is the first Beta release for the new 4.0 version of MEET MANAGER.