MEET MANAGER 5.0 for Track & Field


Service Pack Release Notes



Procedure to Download and Install Service Packs

Start MEET MANAGER 5.0 and click on Check for Updates at the top of the main screen.        
If a Firewall is preventing the Check for Updates process from completing, you can order a Product Replacement CD from the HY-TEK Online Store. Or go to the HY-TEK Download Center, click on Update next to MEET MANAGER 5.0, and SAVE the MEET MANAGER 5.0 Service Pack update file to your hard drive (to c:\Hy-Sport for example). Then start MM 5.0 and click on File / Install Update and follow the prompts.



Version 5.0Da - September 22, 2016

Previously, the team scoring order for an event may be incorrect. This has been fixed in this release.
Previously, in Reports > Memorized report, selecting and running a non-existent report crashed the application. This has been fixed in this release.


Version 5.0Cn - September 1, 2016

On the Help menu, the "Help Center" link has been renamed to "Online Help Center" and moved to the top of the menu.
Previously, when foreign athlete results were treated as exhibition, their results were incorrectly listed at the top of the results list. In this release, these results are now listed at the bottom of the results list.
Previously, in Memorized reports, the event list would not be automatically filtered by the age range unless the age range was manually re-entered. This has been fixed in this release.
Previously, resetting an event's results and seeding would also incorrectly clear the exhibition box for any athletes whose results were set to exhibition. This has been fixed in this release.


Version 5.0Cm - May 30, 2016

If a computer does not have a serial port or a USB to serial adaptor and a Meet Manager database is opened that previously was set to use a timer with a serial port connection, Meet Manager provides a message on startup that the serial port is not open. For most users, this message is a nuisance, so the message is now suppressed and the port number is changed to zero.
When exporting results in the semi-colon delimited format, the results for discus, javelin, and hammer were being rounded down to the nearest inch if the measurement was in English and this is corrected.
In the Run Menu's JD window, when using the automatic tie breaker for the vertical events, if there was a tie and the last height only had "XX" entered instead of "XXX", the tie was not broken correctly and this is fixed.
In the Exceptions Report, if you only have one mark standard setup, you can not select it for this report and this is fixed. If you had two standards setup you could select either one.
In the Import/Export Files report to show the contents of a TCL file created by Track Meet Manager, some athletes would not be listed in the relay names part of a relay and this is corrected.


Version 5.0Cl - February 26, 2016

F11 from the Run Menu for uploading heat and flight results to real time results has been re-enabled.
When exporting results in semi-colon delimited format, the alternate event number is now included if there is an alternate event number.


Version 5.0Ck - February 11, 2016

For the Meet Program or the Performance List Reports, if the start time for each event was selected to be shown and All Events was selected instead of one session, the start time was not included in the report and this is corrected.
For exports of NCAA Cross Country races to the TFRRS system, if a time was registered as a hand time, the time is now rounded up to the nearest tenth when exported.
With the release of Track Meet Mobile last April, F11 from the Run Menu for uploading heat results to real time results was disabled. This was inadvertently left out of the release notes at that time.


Version 5.0Cj - August 1, 2015

Support for the new NCAA required export format for Cross Country meets has been implemented under File / Export / Results for NCAA Cross Country. A window appears that allows you to login to your TFRRS account. After a successful login, your meets that have been registered in TFRRS will be listed. You then select the correct meet, select the desired Cross Country events from the event list below the meet list, and click Upload Results. If your results were entered into the CC/RR Module, you must first update those results to copy them to the standard Run Menu results. After updating, you must then Click the Score button for each Cross Country event in the Run Menu before exporting the results to TFRRS.
In the Sessions Report, if you included event comments for the report, the Combined Event Sub-Events did not show the event comments and this is corrected.


Version 5.0Ci - July 15, 2015

For the meet dates in the Meet Setup Menu, the calendar tool is used again since the issue of not being able to enter today's date has been resolved.
In the Sessions Menu, dragging an event from the lower right up and needing to scroll to get higher, the event did not stay in the location where it was dropped and this has been fixed.
Marks of less than .30 meters for field events are now allowed to accommodate Special Olympics type events.
When creating FinishLynx start lists for unseeded events with a setting of creating zero empty heats, Combined Event Sub-Events still created one empty heat and this is corrected.
The default name for the Weight Pentathlon has been changed to the Throws Pentathlon.
When importing a field series from FieldLynx for the longer throws with the setting to round down to the nearest even centimeter, the series throws were rounded down, but the best throw was not rounded down and this is corrected.
You could not split sessions for heats and flights for Combined Event Sub-Events and this is corrected.
In the Field Event Score Sheets Report Menu, you can now filter the events to show only horizontal events or only vertical events. If you select vertical only, the landscape check box is automatically checked. If you select horizontal only, the landscape check box is automatically un-checked.


Version 5.0Ch - May 27, 2015

Track Meet Mobile is ready for prime time and is available in the iTunes app store and in Google Play starting late Wednesday May 27. This version of Meet Manager will allow you to upload data to the Active Network servers which will feed the data to the Track Meet Mobile apps. During the field beta testing over the past 6 weeks, Meet Manager and the app performed well and those viewing the app were very excited about what a game changer Track Meet Mobile could be for spectators, parents, athletes, officials, and coaches.
When seeding and picking break points, the sorting list must be by time order for the module to work correctly, therefore the sorting columns have been disabled for pick break points.
When creating results reports including the field series, if measuring in English for vertical events and if the last two digits after the decimal is "00", the decimal and the zeroes are removed to allow more space to print attempts across the page.
When creating the meet program for a meet setup as division by team, an error would occur if there was more than one division and this is corrected.


Version 5.0Cg - April 23, 2015

Beta version for testing Track Meet Mobile.


Version 5.0Cf - April 23, 2015

In Windows 7, when entering data in the field series for vertical events, the cursor was offset to the right and this is fixed.
In the Records Menu, a duplicate tag can be created so that you can enter ties with the same record tag name. This is a feature that was inadvertently removed in TFMM 5.0.
When starting a new meet, an error may occur if you edit an athlete and this is corrected.
If the setup is set for exhibition athletes to retain their rank in results, the sort order was incorrect in results by heat although the ranks were correct. This is fixed.
When scoring field event relays where teams are allowed to score with undersized teams, the scores portion of the report was misaligned and this is corrected.


Version 5.0Ce - April 2, 2015

In Meet Setup, the meet dates calendar tool has been removed and replaced with a standard date text box. The calendar tool had a bug that would not allow users to enter today's date and thus necessitated the change.
For Mixed Open events, the results reports used "Boys" for the gender in the male event name instead of "Men" and this is corrected.


Version 5.0Cd - March 30, 2015    

The WMA 5 year Age Grading tables for long distance running events have been updated with the new 2015 revisions which affected every distance from 5k on up to 200k.
When scoring fastest heat only, the team points scored were assigned incorrectly within the fastest heat and this is corrected.
When listing results and including records, if some athletes were exhibition and exhibition athletes for some records were not allowed to score, the program was into an endless loop. This has been fixed.
When selecting a session in the Run Menu using F7 or the Session button, if the session had no events an error occurred and this fixed.
If Field Relays are set to score under sized teams, an error occurred when these under sized teams were scored in the Run Menu and this is corrected.
In the Teams Menu, if the meet setup is divisions by event with teams linked to divisions, the divisions column is now shown in the teams grid.
For Daktronics fixed digit scoreboard data, if the event name has the word "Meter" in it, the name is shortened to just "M" to help with fitting the full event name on the scoreboard.
F11 from the Run Menu for uploading heat results to real time results has been disabled.


Version 5.0Cc - February 18, 2015

The WMA 5 year Age Grading tables have been updated with the changes made in 2014. These changes were primarily in the throwing events for 65 and older due to implement changes. The 1992-1994 outdated and unsupported 1 year tables have been removed, so Meet Manager now only supports the most updated 5 year tables.
Importing FieldLynx results in English measurement for High Jump and Pole Vault has been implemented.
When the Auto Break Ties is used in a High Jump or Pole Vault that was measured in English, in some cases the tie breaking was wrong and this is corrected.
The Records Report has been improved to sort Combined Event sub-event records in sub-event number order.
The team entry fee report had blanks for the fee columns and this is fixed.
Exports from the Records Menu now use the favorite directory set in Directory Favorites.
If the option to exclude foreigners and exhibition from advancing to the finals round was selected, some still advanced and this is corrected.
The maximum number of lanes for a Combined Event sub event using standard or custom lanes is changed from 10 to 12.


Version 5.0Cb - January 18, 2015

When in Multi-User mode and accessing the Run Menu, when selecting a second event, a run time error 3027, cannot update, Database or object is read-only occurs and this is fixed.


Version 5.0Ca - January 14, 2015

This is the first release of the new 5.0 version of MEET MANAGER. Open the Help and click on New in Meet Manager 5.0 to view the new features.