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MEET MANAGER for Track & Field



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MEET MANAGER for Track & Field (TFMM) is the most widely used meet management software in the world. In 2001, we introduced our first Windows version  and on October 18, 2010, we introduced MEET MANAGER 3.0, our current generation of meet management software.  

MEET MANAGER has been used for many country's Olympic Trials as well as High School and College dual and invitational meets, Masters Meets, Youth Athletics and USATF meets, all types of meets.  All screens automatically expand to fit any monitor resolution your computer uses. Reports are beautifully designed and you have the flexibility to re-word every report title and every column header any way you want, in any language. All reports can be exported in almost any format such as MS Word, Excel, HTML, and comma delimited, to name a few.

The MEET MANAGER Start-Up runs and scores the meet. But you can add options to customize MEET MANAGER depending on the kind of meet you plan to run.

Bronze Package TM Basic plus Seeding/Scoring Sheet option

Seeding/Scoring Sheet

Customize each event with up to 4 rounds of seeding. Creates Heat & Flight sheets, Field Event Score sheets, Meet Program.
Silver Package Includes Bronze Package PLUS

Cross Country/RR

A complete cross country team scoring capability is provided in this option. Capable of Dynamic team scoring and adding penalty points.

Multi-Age Group

Seed up to 20 age groups together and let MEET MANAGER break out the scoring - ideal for Masters meets.
Gold Package Includes Silver Package PLUS


MEET MANAGER provides automatic combined-event tabulation for decathlon, heptathlon, pentathlon, triathlon, weight pentathlon, etc.

Ribbon/Award Labels

Let MEET MANAGER print a label for each athlete based on their place/finish in the meet.

Administrative Labels

Print mailing, registration, tag and competitor labels for each athlete. Has many label and card size choices.

Age Grading

MEET MANAGER automatically tabulates athlete's points based on the 2006 age grading tables developed by WMA.

The Pro option for MEET MANAGER for Track & Field includes two very powerful features:

* Multi-User Network Feature
his option will permit up to 9 users to share the same Track & Field Meet Manager database. Up to four computers can be inputting results from different locations in the track stadium, while two other stations can be handling check-in, scratching, and seeding, while 3 other stations can be designated with report and label only permissions. This permits you great flexibility in running your track meet and solves the common problem of communicating changes from the clerks to the result operators and quickly providing information to the media. The Multi-User Network Option provides the tools for you to effectively manage the permission levels for each computer. 

* Real-Time Results Upload to the Web
TFMM Pro can upload a complete results web page with the event list indexed into each event's result without the web master writing a single line of HTML code. The design of the web page is for one click access by users to any event's result without needing to use the Back button or to exit from any page. As the meet progresses, TFMM Pro can upload the results with team scores to the web site for the just completed Event or the just completed Heat/Flight with one key stroke. For events that are not completed yet, the performance list or the heat/flight sheet can be uploaded instead and this list or sheet is replaced when the results are uploaded.  This is a great feature for parents, athletes, and coaches to actually watch the meet live as it happens. It's also a possible revenue source for the host club if they want to provide advertising space on the results web page.

MEET MANAGER for Track & Field Pro works with any Windows based peer-to-peer Network with a standard Fast Ethernet card or wireless adaptor in each computer with the appropriate cabling.  We recommend a 500 MHz or faster computer with at least 512 MB RAM for the computer that will contain the shared Database.

Photo Finish Interface
The Photo Finish INTERFACE software connects your MEET MANAGER computer directly to your photo finish computer and exchanges start lists and results automatically and electronically, enabling the TFMM operator to freely enter results for field events, to seed later events, to print reports, or to do any other administrative task associated with running the meet. Because start lists and results are transmitted electronically, there is no keying in times and thus no mistakes!

TFMM interfaces directly to FinishLynx, MacFinish, and the Omega Hawk Eye photo finish systems via a standard RS-232 communications cable. As an alternate method of communication, TFMM can exchange start lists and results with FinishLynx by sharing files on a network. TFMM also interfaces with the Eagle Eye Video system and Flash Timing Video system by reading result files created by these video systems over a network

Button Finish Interface
Our Button Finish INTERFACE software connects your MEET MANAGER computer directly to your button finish timer for Cross Country Races, Road Races, and Track Meets. For CC/RR races, such as a 3 mile or a 10k, the INTERFACE allows for downloading the complete list of times. Select times are also downloaded. This Interface Option also gives you the capability to print bar codes and to read-in the bar codes with any bar code reader that connects to the keyboard port. For Track races the INTERFACE allows for receiving times for In-Lane races, such as the 100, and Non-Lane races, such as the 1500, either during a race or after a race.

For Track Meets, TFMM interfaces directly to the following 4 button timers: The Time Machine, Time Tech Sprint 8, Ultrak L10, and Omega Power Time. For Cross Country and Road Races, TFMM interfaces directly to the following 5 button timers: The Time Machine, Time Tech Sprint 8, Ultrak L10, Chronomix 737, and Omega Power Time. TFMM also interfaces with the Nielsen-Kellerman Interval 2000xc stop watch. FinishLynx files and DAG Chip text files can also be imported into the CC/RR module within MEET MANAGER

FieldLynx Interface
TFMM's FieldLynx INTERFACE software allows your MEET MANAGER computer directly to exchange start lists and results with FinishLynx's FieldLynx Palm Pilot either through direct serial download or via network file sharing using a wireless network.

Scoreboard Interface
The Scoreboard INTERFACE connects MEET MANAGER computer directly to most fixed digit and alphanumeric scoreboard systems. Start lists, heat results, field results, award ceremony lists, and team scores can be displayed from the TFMM software. Transmission to the scoreboard is over a standard RS-232 communications cable which may require a USB to serial adaptor if the TFMM computer does not have a serial COM port.

TFMM interfaces to Daktronics, Fairtron, OLYMPEX, and Trans-Lux scoreboards. TFMM also has a generic scoreboard output that can be used by TV or any other scoreboard vendor.

What You Will Need to Run MM
MEET MANAGER for Track & Field requires a Pentium, Celeron, or AMD computer of at least 500 MHz (preferably a 1 GHz or faster) with at least 256 MB of RAM (preferably 512 MB of RAM or more) and either Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.  Click Here for information about running TFMM on a Mac.

Support for MEET MANAGER

TFMM 3.0 was released for production on October 18, 2010Click Here for specific information about the Tech Support Center.



TFMM 2.0 was released for production on January 30, 2007Click Here for specific information about the Tech Support Center.



TFMM 1.2 is no longer supported. 




TFMM for MS-DOS is no longer supported.


Licensing Options for MEET MANAGER

The MEET MANAGER software may be licensed in the following ways:

1. Club or Team License
This is our most popular License option and allows the Club, School, or Team to run any meet that is HOSTED BY (at their home facility) and COMPETED IN by that club, school, or team.   For example, if MEET MANAGER is licensed to Central High School, the software may be used to run all of the home dual meets at Central High School as well as any invitational meets that are sponsored by and participated in by the Central High School Track & Field Team.

2. Championship Meet License
This License option allows the software to be used to run one specific championship meet each year.  A typical use of this License option would be to run the State Championship meet that is rotated among different High Schools each year.

Having a Championship Meet license requires the Licensee to submit via email to sales@hy-tekltd.com the date of the meet each year. When this information is received a web download will be emailed to the Licensee for that year. If a CD is needed a product replacement should be purchased through our online store. When a license is being upgraded a CD will be sent at no charge for that order.

3. Site License
A facility may want to order MEET MANAGER and use it for all the meets that are run at that one facility - USATF, Masters/Veterans, High School, College, etc.  The Site License option requires an annual subscription fee.

4. Organizational License
A Track & Field Organization may want to order MM and use it for up to a maximum of four (4) Championship meets ONLY.  An Organizational license may not be used for club or school hosted meets.  An example of an Organizational License might be for a Province or State running their 3 or 4 provincial or state championship meets.  The Organizational License option requires an annual subscription fee.

Independent Timing Contractor License
Click Here for Information about an Independent Timing Contractor (ITC) License.

Email: sales@hy-tekltd.com    TEL: Toll Free 866.456.5111

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