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TEAM MANAGER for Track & Field


TEAM MANAGER for Track & Field (TFTM) is designed for managing and tracking administrative and performance information for your club or school.  TEAM MANAGER 3.0 is our fourth generation of Team Management products originally developed in 1994. 


  Click Here for Information about "What's New in TFTM 3.0" and "How To Upgrade".
  Click Here for the current TM 3.0 Service Pack Update Release Notes.

TEAM MANAGER makes  entering a meet easy! Just specify a meet entry qualification mark (if any) and TFTM will list all eligible athletes and events right on the screen indicated with their best marks.  Just click on the events to be entered for each athlete! It's easy, fast, and accurate.

Meet results can be entered quickly without ever having to enter the athlete's name. Just select the event and TEAM MANAGER will display all eligible athletes for that event. Pick one using your mouse or keyboard and enter his/her mark (optionally enter splits, place and points). Or select an athlete's name from an alphabetical list and TM will display all of his/her eligible events from which to choose.  Of course, the best way to enter results is to import them directly from our MEET MANAGER - no keying and no errors!

TFTM offers literally hundreds of reports including Best Marks, Meet Eligibility, Meet Results, Mailing Labels, Entry Cards/Labels, Award/Improvement Labels, 3D Graphs, Rosters, Records and Time Standards, Meet Entries, and Meet Entry Fees Report. TM exports information to Excel, Word, HTML for the Web, character delimited files, and as well as to other file formats and even exports Athlete names and their e-mail addresses directly to Outlook Express.

The TEAM MANAGER Start-Up comes ready to help you manage your team's administrative and performance oriented tasks. And you can add options to customize your TEAM MANAGER to perform the way you want it to.

Record Match After entering results for a meet, automatically update your team/school records.
Graph With the touch of a key, print a graph indicating each athlete's improvement and overall performance.
Ribbon Labels Print a label for each athlete based on place/finish in a meet.
Tag Labels Print event entry labels for each athlete.
Journal/Recruiting This feature lets you enter notes to be stored into your database by date and title as well as recruiting for athletes.
Registration Tracking Ideal for associations or leagues to track status of athletes, coaches & officials.

The Pro option of TEAM MANAGER is designed for a team office that uses multiple computers connected to a Network - for example a standard Windows peer-to-peer network. Just install TM Pro on each computer and share one common club database located on any one of the computers. Up to 9 coaches/volunteers can sign on to the TM shared Database at one time and work on their particular group of athletes or their particular meet entries or reports.

What You Will Need to Run TFTM
TFTM requires a Pentium, Celeron, or AMD computer of at least 500 MHz (preferably a 1 GHz or faster) with at least 500 MB of RAM (preferably 1 GB of RAM or more) and either Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.

TM Lite
is software designed to make it easier for a meet host to receive entries, so that none of the entries have to be manually keyed into our Track & Field MEET MANAGER. A meet host distributes TFTM Lite to teams entering the meet so that those teams can send their meet entries to the meet host electronically by disk or over the Internet. One copy of TFTM Lite is provided FREE to a meet host owning a licensed copy of Track & Field MEET MANAGER software. The meet host can create TFTM Lite product CDs to distribute to the participating teams or purchase additional TFTM Lite CDs from our Sales Office. The TFTM Lite CD is to be distributed by the meet host to the teams entering the meet.  The participating teams can also download and install TFTM Lite - Click Here to download TFTM Lite.

TFTM Lite is basically TEAM MANAGER with the following features enabled:
Standard Set-Up and Options Features
Import of Meet Events from a Track & Field MEET MANAGER Database
Enter Teams, Athletes, Relays, and Meets
Browsers where you specify your entries and relays by Event or by Athlete Name
Export of Meet Entries to return to the meet host by diskette or over the Internet
Meet Entry Report

Click Here to view the TFTM Lite Instructions in Acrobat format.

  Download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Support for TEAM MANAGER


TFTM 3.0 was released on August 24, 2009.  Click Here for more information on the NEW TFTM 3.0.

TFTM 2.0 will be sunsetted on February 24, 2010. Click Here to view information about Upgrading to TEAM MANAGER 3.0.

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