Athlete / Relay Preferences

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From the Main Menu Bar, click on Set-up / Athlete/Relay Preferences to display the screen shown below.




The Athlete Preferences section determines which fields are enabled in the Athlete Add Menu. Relay Preferences pertain to what is allowed when adding relays and relay swimmer names.  The Competitor Numbers section determines whether competitor numbers are to be used or not.


Athlete Preferences

Enter Ages if events are based on ages.

Enter Birth Dates to have MM automatically compute ages.

Enter Century in birth Dates forces you to enter the 4 digit year for a birth date rather than just the 2 digit year. This is primarily needed for the older athletes in masters meets to speed up data entry to get the correct century for say an athlete born in 1925.

Enter School Year usually only applies to College and High School meets.

Enter "Citizen Of" is optional.

Enter Athlete Status choices are Normal, Exhibition, Foreigner, Disabled, or Rookie.


Relay Preferences

Allow "A" Relays only prevents you from entering more than one relay per team and so you will not be allowed to enter, for example, "B" or "C" Relays.

Allow anyone from any team on a relay means any person from any team can be on a given relay. Usually this is used for all-start meets

Allow athlete on 2+ relays in same event means the same athlete could be on the A relay for prelims and on the B relay for finals.

All-Star Meets: Relay Names linked to LSC is used in the Relay Names menu from Run and the Relays menu and means the eligible athlete name list is based on LSC rather than the team.


Competitor Numbers

Competitor numbers are optional in MM. You can have MM automatically assign this number as you add athletes or you can later use the Athlete Menu's Competitor Number button to automatically re-number all athletes starting with any number and it will then number alphabetically by team and alphabetically by name within each team. If you do not check the box Enter competitor numbers, then the competitor number text box in the Athlete Menu will not be enabled.