Awards Ctrl-A Selection

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The Awards button in the Run the Meet Menu is designed for one-click printing of award labels. This is a real time saver over using the Award Labels Menu.

You can have the award labels print directly to the printer immediately, print directly to the printer when a page is full, or preview to the screen first. Click Here for how to setup the Award Label Preferences for the Awards button. Please note that on Windows 7 machines, an error is likely to occur when printing directly to the printer. If you get an error, change the Award Label Preferences to Preview on Screen First.

Award Labels are designed to be printed on standard one inch Avery labels for easy placement on plaques, ribbons, certificates, etc. The information on these Award Labels reflect a specific performance by an athlete or relay in a particular event.

You have two ways to select who gets and award label:

1.Standard - Select this preference when you wish to print Award Labels for each event's top finishers.
2.By Heat - Select this Preference when you wish to print Award Labels for Each Heat.