British GB Points, BAG Points and BAGCATs

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As of January 1, 2010, the ASA has dropped their GB Point System and has replaced it with FINA Points. BAGCATS scoring has been retained, but the point calculations are computed using FINA Points and the Age Factors are no longer used to adjust each age group's points.


To enable FINA Points, click Setup from the Main Menu Bar and then Entry/Scoring Preferences. Then click on the Scoring Awards tab and select the Special Point System combo box.


Once FINA Points is selected, be sure to click the Spec Pts check box in Reports / Results and in Run / Preferences / Results to display the points when you list results for an event from the Run screen or from Reports / Results. In order to get the BAGCATS score for each individual Use Reports / Scores and check the BAGCATS and check the Spec Pts check boxes.