Converting Entry Times

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When entry times are imported or manually entered, they are converted to the meet course as specified in the Meet Set-up. For example, if the meet is set-up as Long Course Meters and you enter a time in the Athlete Menu in yards with the Y at the end of the time, such as 1:13.45Y, MM will automatically convert the time to a LCM time of 1:23.16L. MM stores the actual time entered and the converted time.


When entries are imported, they are also entered into the database with the actual time and course and a conversion is computed based on the meet course and this converted time is also stored. The time used for seeding depends on how you have answered the Seeding Preferences question about Seeding Non-Conforming Times Last. If no, then the converted time is used for seeding and if that seeding preference question is answered yes, then the actual entered times are used for seeding.


See Conversion of Entry Times for the conversion factors built into MM.