Convert a HY-TEK Export CL2 File to SDIF

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After the meet when you are ready to export meet results to TEAM MANAGER or to SWIMS, MM exports those results in HY-TEK's Standard Data Interchange Format. This export zip file contains two files, the old .cl2 format and the new .hy3 format.  The hy3 file format can be imported by all of HY-TEK's Swim Software products and many 3rd party products can import the .cl2 format.  However if you wish to provide an SDIF formatted file (.sd3), you must unzip the HY-TEK export file (you can use File / Unzip File from within MM) and then click on File / Export / Convert a HY-TEK CL2 Export File to SDIF.


MM will ask you to specify the location of the HY-TEK export file that you have previously created as well as the location of where you wish MM to build the SDIF File.  The file name created by this process is SDIFxxx.SD3 where xxx is a sequential number - for example, SDIF001.SD3.