Daktronics OmniSport 2000

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For Open Water timing, the OmniSport 2000 must be in Track mode (not Swimming mode). This mode is selected after you enter the date and time into the OmniSport upon starting the timer.

After opening the serial port, you can click Interfaces / Open Water Button Timer / Test Communication to verify that the OmniSport is communicating properly. If communications are working properly, the version of the OmniSport software will be displayed. You must be using version 9.3 or later.




The OmniSport 2000 has 3 modes of operation: Lane Mode, Place Mode, and Non-Lane Mode. You should use Non-Lane Mode for Open Water Races. Only button number 1 is used and it is pushed each time a competitor crosses the finish line. In the Non-Lane Mode, the timer can hold up to 660 times for a given race.

As the buttons are pressed, the times are being saved in the Timer and are not being sent to MM. To download the times, click on Times at the top of the Open Water Module and then click Read Times. This brings up the Get Times window where you have the option to request results by Event or by Race Number. It is very helpful to enter the correct event number into the OmniSport 2000 timer before pressing Store / Print on the timer. The heat number should always be 1. If the incorrect event and heat has been saved in the timer with the results, you can use race number which is a unique number saved with each race in the timer and is shown on the print-out from the timer.

You can Read Times from the timer as often as you wish since the times are stored in the memory of the timer.