Declare 2 to a Lane

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In order to specify that an Athlete is swimming "2 to a Lane" for an event, that event must first have been set up as "2 to a Lane".  


Click on Events from the Main Menu bar. You may optionally specify that a particular event be seeded "2 to a Lane".  Typically, this type of seeding is used for Long Distance events like the 800/1000 or longer.  Click on the "2 per lane" radio button if all athletes in the event are required to swim "2 to a Lane".  Click on the "2 per Choice" if athletes in this event can "choose" whether or not they wish to swim "2 to a Lane".  The "2 to a Lane" option is only available for Timed Final events.


To declare that an athlete has chosen to swim in an event as "2 to a Lane", click on Athletes from the Main Menu Bar and then highlight an Athlete. Now click on the "2 To a Lane" column next to the event that you wish to swim as "2 to a Lane".   That's it!  When the event is seeded, that Athlete will be seeded in the "2 to a Lane" heats with the other Athletes that have chosen this option.