Declare an Exhibition Swim (Individual or Relay)

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When you declare a swim as "Exhibition" or "Unofficial", you are saying that the Athlete or Relay is swimming for time and is not eligible for Points or Awards.


There are 4 ways to declare a swim as Exhibition:


1.From the Athlete Menu's Add or Edit Menu: Click on the Status pull down arrow and click on Exhibition to declare that Athlete as Exhibition for every individual event the athlete is entered in. Or place an "x" or "X" in front of the entry time for a given event.
2.From the Athlete or Relay Menus: From these menus, you can declare any entry as Exhibition by clicking the Exh check box next to the entry.
3.From the Run Screen: Click on the Exh check box in the lane where the Athlete or Relay is listed.
4.From the Add/Edit Team Screen: Click on the Team Status pull down and select Exhibition and MM will set up every individual and relay entry for this Team as Exhibition.