Disability Meet

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From the Main Menu bar, click on Setup / Entry Scoring Preferences / Disability Meet.




Paralympic Point System

Click on this pull down list and select Canada Paralympic Points, British Paralympic Points, or Australian Paralympic Points to choose which set of Paralympic Points you want to use. These points range from 1 to 1000+ for all multi-class classifications S1 to S17, SB1 to SB17, and SM1 to SM17 and the point value can be displayed next to each result time for disabled athletes in results from the Run Menu or the Report / Results Menu, but ONLY if you click on the Spec Pts check box on the report menu itself or in the Run / Preferences / Results menu. In addition, when scoring team or individual points in Reports / Scores, you have the option to use the Standard Point System that we are all accustomed to or to use the Paralympic Points for scoring the Individual High Point winners for disabled swimmers. Note that in order for Paralympic Points to be assigned to a given athlete's result, the athlete's three disability codes must be entered in the Athlete Menu.


Multi-Class Meet Results

Rank Results for Multi-Class Athletes using the Paralympic Point System selected above: If you are running events with Able Bodied and Disabled in the same event or even the same heat, you can rank the disabled athletes by one of the three available point systems instead of by time. The idea of he Paralympic Point system is to rank athletes across classes. The Able Bodied will be ranked according to time with a separate list for the multi-class athletes.

For Prelim/Final events, do not advance Multi-Class Athletes to Finals, just rank the Timed Finals: This allows you to swim Disabled athletes in prelims of prelim/final events without needing to put the disabled in separate events. If Multi-Class swimmers do not advance to finals, then they are ranked separately in prelim results like Timed Finals. If the Multi-Class swimmers are allowed to advance, a separate final for the multi-class athletes is created.

Ignore the setting to 'Score points only if athlete equals or exceeds event qualifying time': This is an important setting in meets where disabled swimmers compete in the same event with able bodied swimmers when swimming equal to or faster than the meet qualifying time is required in order for able bodied swimmers to score points, but not required for disabled swimmers.