Dolphin Backup Mode Operation

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In the Backup Mode, MM treats the Dolphin system of wireless watches as the backup watches to the pads and buttons for a primary timing system. This Interface mode requires the purchase of the Dolphin Backup Mode Option.


HY-TEK Software Set-up for Backup Mode Operation

Click on Set-Up from the Main Menu Bar and then Timing Console INTERFACE. Now click on the check box at the bottom for CTS Dolphin Backup Mode. You must also select a timing system from the list of radio buttons. If you want to use the Dolphin as the primary for races of 25 yards or meters, then click the Use Dolphin as Primary if event is 25 check box.  After selecting a primary timing system and after checking the CTS Dolphin Backup Mode check box, click OK.



First, plug in the wireless base unit's USB cable. Start the Dolphin software exe. On each wireless watch and the wireless starter unit, press and hold the Reset button to turn them on. If the system is operating correctly, the Dolphin software should have a green light on for each lane that has a wireless watch assigned to it. Minimize the Dolphin software. Start HY-TEK's MEET MANAGER. If MEET MANAGER was already running, you can start the Dolphin exe from within MM by going to Run / Interfaces / Dolphin Backup Mode / Start Dolphin.exe.


There are two ways to start the Dolphin Wireless Watches:

One is to press the Start/Stop button on the wireless starter unit when the race begins and this starts all of the wireless watches. The timers only need to stop their watch when the swimmer hits the finish.

The second method is for each timer to start their own wireless watch.

When all watches have been stopped, the wireless starter unit should be stopped. As soon as the wireless start unit's reset button is pushed, the Dolphin software writes a result file to the C:\CTSDolphin folder on the computer and the next race can be started.


From the Run Menu in MEET MANAGER, press Ctrl-W and a list of Dolphin result files for the current Data Set (see below for information about data sets) will be displayed with the most recent file at the top. Select the result file and MM will extract the times and place them in a window so that you can see up to 3 wireless watch times per lane plus the computed average for each lane if there are more than one wireless watches per lane. If there are 3 watch times for a given lane, the middle time will be average time. If there are two watches for a given lane, the average will be computed based on the rule choice selected in Run / Preferences / Backup Times.  If you are ok with the times in the window, click Accept and these times will be stored in the database along with the pad and button times already stored. To see the pad times, the backup button times, and the backup watch times, press Ctrl-K or click the Calc: Ctrl-K button. When the time adjustment window is displayed, you can compare the backup wireless watch times to the pad time and the backup button average to help you decide what to do if there is a discrepancy between the pad time and then backup button time. Click Here to see a sample time adjustment window with Dolphin Backup times.


If you are keeping track of races by Race Number (see discussion below), you can use the Race # to help you select the correct wireless watch file. If things go smoothly, this race number should be the same for the wireless watch file and the timing console data file.


How to Select a Data Set for your Meet