Enter Results for the Meet

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If the cursor is not in "edit mode", press F6 and the cursor will be automatically positioned to the first non-empty lane. You can also click any row in the result column to put that lane in edit mode.  You can press the Tab key or the Enter key after you have entered a result.  You may use the Tab and Shift Tab keys or the Up and Down Arrow keys to navigate from one lane's result to another. The result may be entered in any of the following ways.


12345 or 123.45 or 1:23.45 for Swimming events

74575 or 745.75 for Diving events

NS or "S" for No Show

DNF or "D" for Did Not Finish

DQ or "Q" for Disqualified or you can click on the DQ check box and still enter a time for the Athlete or Relay

DFS for Declared False Start. Please note: DFS is NOT considered a DQ.


Note that if there are splits or backups for a given entry, you are prevented from entering NS for the time.


You can click on the Exh column to declare the Athlete or Relay in that lane as swimming Exhibition.  You can double click on any Athlete or Relay and MM will ask you to confirm that you wish to Scratch that entry from the event.


You can enter a Competitor # in the 2nd column to Deck Seed an Athlete into an empty lane provided you have chosen the "Use Competitor Number" box in the Athletes Preferences screen.


You can also use your mouse and position it over the Athlete or Relay name and drag that Athlete/Relay to an empty lane.  Or you can move that Athlete/Relay to an occupied lane and MM will Swap Lanes with that Athlete/Relay.


If you clicked on Watch Times on the Timing Console INTERFACE  Preferences screen in the Set-up Menu, then click on the Show/Backup button and you can enter up to three Watch Times. Click Here for more information on this feature


After you have entered times for a given heat, press the F5 key or click on the heat number button and the next event will be displayed.


Note:Check out the many Function Key shortcut options by clicking on Help from the Run Screen Menu bar and then click on ShortCuts.