Entry Lists Report

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From the Main Menu Bar, click on Reports / Entry Lists and MM will display the Entry List Report menu screen.

The Entry List Report includes a list of events each Athlete and Relay is swimming.

The report can contain Entry Times or just event numbers for a more compact report.

There are 4 Report types. The first 3 are really methods of sorting.

1.By Team: The report is sorted by Full Team Name with each team's athletes sorted according to one of the three sort choices of alphabetical, by age, or by last entered. If relays are included, they follow at the end of each athlete list.
2.By Abbr: This the same report as By Team, except that it is sorted by the team abbreviation.
3.By Athlete: This report is sorted by athlete according to the Sort choice regardless of team and if relays are included, all relays for all teams are listed at the end of the athlete list.
4.Split Sheets: This provides the coaches a split sheet for all athletes on a given team. There are several options for this report as shown in the window below.

If By Athlete is selected, you can enter a number for Athletes per page.

1.Enter "1" to list one Athlete per page.
2.Enter "2" to list two Athletes per page.
3.Enter "3" to list three Athletes per page with the format of three 3x5 cards.

To Memorize a given set of report settings, click Memorize or click the Memorize con Icon-MemorizeExport, provide a name for the memorized report, and the settings will be saved to the Memorized Reports Menu.




If you choose 2 or 3 athletes per page and click on the Show Check-in Req box, MM will let you add a message to be displayed with each athlete's entry, such as "Please check-in 30 minutes before each event".

You can customize the items you want included in the report.  For example, you may want to include Scratches and 1st round alternates (2nd round qualifying alternates are not included), but only include Athletes and no relays.  You may want to include or exclude the heat/lane, each athlete's birth date, and/or each athlete's Registration ID.

You may also filter what is included in the report by Team, Gender, and Age Group.   For example, the coach for the FAST Swim Team may want to see the entries for the 11-12 Girls only.